A Gadsden man wanted on heroin trafficking charges ended up fleeing from Albertville down Highway 431 into Guntersville, through the Foodland parking lot, down Hardin Road and onto Lindsey Lane.

A Guntersville police spokesman said he bailed out of the car there and ran on foot. Guntersville Police and several other law enforcement agencies set up a perimeter. Dogs and a helicopter were called in to help search.

They didn’t catch him then, the spokesman said, but got a tip later that he would be leaving by vehicle. Guntersville Police initiated a traffic stop and said they found him hiding in the bed of a truck.

The incident started about 7:30 p.m. Monday evening. It ended a few hours later with the apprehension of Tevin “Little Weedy” Watson, 29, of Gadsden.

The Etowah County Drug Task Force had called local law enforcement after developing information that Watson was at a business in Albertville. Police tried to stop him after he left the business and that led to the chase. Lindsey Lane is a dead-end and the foot search happened near the end of it.

While Guntersville was the lead agency in the search, they were assisted by the Etowah County Drug Task Force, Marshall County Drug Task Force, Marshall County Sheriff’s Office, ALEA (the state troopers) and Albertville Police.

“We didn’t want to leave him in that neighborhood,” Guntersville Police Chief Jim Peterson said. “That’s why we brought in the dogs. ALEA brought their helicopter equipped with FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) and did a grid search of the woods.”

The troopers who brought the helicopter had just been in Guntersville working HydroFest on Saturday and Sunday, the chief said.

“They were more than happy to come back and give us a hand,” he said.

Guntersville Police ended up charging Watson locally with possession of heroin, possession of drug paraphernalia, attempting to elude and resisting arrest.

“He has a lot of drug charges in Etowah County and will likely be prosecuted federally,” the Guntersville police spokesman said.

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