Major League Fishing pro and Duckett Fishing owner Boyd Duckett spent much of the week guiding on Lake Guntersville of all things.

Buyers from big fishing companies like Tackle Direct were in town this week and Duckett took them out for some fishing.

He liked what he saw.

“The fishing was in a funk about 4 years ago, but the lake has recovered now,” he said. “We had some very good days.”

He and a couple of his pro staff members put 40 to 70 bass in their boats each of 3 days they fished with their guests.

“We probably averaged 50 bass a day per boat and that’s phenomenal,” Duckett said.

He said 2 patterns are working right now. Fish are being caught on deep grass lines, he said. If the grass line is adjacent to deep water, so much the better.

“Anglers can use their electronics to find the grass lines,” Duckett said.

Worms, drop shots, spinnerbaits and Chatterbaits are all good baits when fishing that pattern, he said.

The other pattern, and the one Duckett and his guests concentrated on, was ledge fishing.

“Guntersville is kind of known for ledge fishing,” he said. Ledges are areas of structure where the water depth changes and the fish hold.

“There are tremendous schools of fish on the ledges,” he said. “You can sit in one spot and catch 20 fish.”

Duckett was fishing in 18 to 25 feet of water. Good baits were big shaky heads and jigs.

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