Guntersville Middle School Principal Dr. Vohn Enloe recognized the students of the month for February and teachers of the month on Friday. 

The three students chosen were 6th grader Karson Teague, 7th grader Madelyn Ketnor and 8th grader Slaide Mohr. 

The teacher recognized for the month of February was Jennifer Kitchens and Sue Green was the support staff member of the month. 

Dr. Enloe released this statement about Kitchens:

"Mrs. Kitchens serves as our Physical Education teacher and never fails to impress. She has developed an excellent rapport with her students and they enjoy coming to her class. She works hard to plan units that engage and challenge her students. She is very supportive of other teachers and always helps out in any way that she can. Mrs. Kitchens is also a valuable asset to our system due to her willingness to drive a bus. She maintains discipline and control on the bus and always handles any issues that arise very professionally. It is obvious that Mrs. Kitchens truly loves her job and we are blessed to have her as a part of our Guntersville Middle School family."

Dr. Enloe released this statement about Green:

"Mrs. Green is one of our custodians and you will never catch her sitting down on the job. She is very dependable and is always busy creating a safe and sanitary learning environment for our students. She arrives every morning at 5 a.m. and immediately goes to work. The restrooms are always sanitary and smell clean, the classrooms are spotless, the carpets and rugs are vacuumed, and the halls always shine. She even makes time to wipe down all of the hand rails on a daily basis to kill germs and ensure the safety of our students. Mrs. Green always goes above and beyond to help out as needed. This year she has served in an additional role as a bus aide. She rides the bus every morning and every evening to enforce social distancing rules and to ensure that students are wearing their masks. It is obvious that Mrs. Green truly loves her job and we are blessed to have her as a part of our Guntersville Middle School family."

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