The annual St. William Catholic Church’s Seafood Festival is coming back this September in full-swing for its 51st anniversary. The festival is allowing both dine-in and drive-thru as opposed to last year’s celebration which was limited to only drive-thru because of COVID-19.

The event will be held September 3-4. Drive-thru will be the only option on Friday, September 3, and it will be open from 4 PM to 6 PM. On Saturday, September 4, both drive-thru and dine-in are open and will run until they sell out. Drive-thru will open at 7:30 AM and dine-in will open at 10:30 AM.

Different dinners will be offered in drive-thru and dine-in. Drive-thru will feature Cajun boiled shrimp by the pound, gumbo by the quart and Monks’ Bread from Saint Bernard Abbey in Cullman.

Dine-in will feature the boiled shrimp and gumbo as well as catfish and grilled chicken dinners with coleslaw and hush puppies. There will also be homemade desserts made by St. William’s parishioners.

Preparation has already started as endless pounds of seafood are being cooked currently and will be frozen until the big weekend. 1,000 lbs. of the boiled shrimp and 270 lbs. of gumbo are being made and 30 lbs. of each will be made hot and ready to serve on the first day of the festival. Cooking started back on July 10 and will be wrapping up in August.

Prices for the festival are TBA as well as the possibility of live musical entertainment, however it has been promised that any important football games will be on the air for dine-in participators. More information to come as the big seafood weekend gets closer.

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