For awhile Tuesday morning, Hole #2 at Gunters Landing resembled a ski resort rather than a golf course. 

There's a hill there just seemingly made for sledding and snowboarding and it has an irresistible draw on teens.

There were maybe a dozen or so of them sliding and gliding when we visited middle of the morning Tuesday. 

"I was the first one out here," Eli Morrison, 15, said. "My mom woke me up at 7 and told me it had snowed and I was out here by 8."

The first runs of the morning were the very best for Eli. This was kind of a light snow and it hadn't been beaten down yet. 

"I went all the way to those trees at the bottom," Eli said. 

Eli had just raced and defeated Joseph Roberts, 12, when we visited. 

"I hate you, Eli," Joseph shouted, a grin on his face, as Eli beat him to the bottom of the hill. 

Eli said this was the "first good snow in 8 years" and he wasn't about to miss sledding it. 

The only problem with the long run at Gunters Landing is it is quite a hike back up the hill. 

"It's a leg workout for sure," Eli said. 

Next down the slope was Hudson Miles, riding a snowboard rather than a sled. He'd borrowed it from one of the young people. 

He rode it well. 

"I've never done this before," Hudson said. 

But he is a roller blader and it looked second nature to him. 

Ashton Storey was next, followed by Grayson Storey and Elliott Storey. All seemed to be having a good time. 

There was even a dog romping down the slope at times alongside the boys. 

A good time appeared to have been had by all.

The folks at the golf course aren't crazy about one of their fairways being turned into a ski slope when it snows. But as far as we know, no one has called the cops to anyone for enjoying a sledding run just yet. 

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