Guntersville firemen wrap up after stopping a blaze at Lynn and Janet Selvage's home. It remains to be seen whether the storm caused the fire.

Just after Saturday's severe storm had blown through, Guntersville firemen were called to Lynn and Janet Selvage's home on Spring Creek Drive. 

The call said that the house was on fire and flames and smoke were showing. The fire started in the garage and spread to the kitchen, but that's where the Guntersville firemen stopped it. 

Whether the fire was caused by the storm remains to be seen. 

"It just seems kind of coincidental if it wasn't," Guntersville fire marshal Buddy Pettry said. "But I talked to Lynn and Janet. They didn't hear any really close claps of thunder."

Nearly every breaker in the home's circuit box was tripped. That's a little unusual for a normal electrical fire, Pettry said, but he added that the heat from the fire itself can cause breakers to trip. Pettry is continuing to investigate.

While the fire was stopped as it entered the kitchen, Pettry said there is smoke and soot damage throughout. Fire restoration specialists First Quality Homes were on site to assess the damage even before the firemen had finished.

"I can't say enough about our guys," Pettry said. 

It was the second spectacular stop for the firemen in less than a week. A few days earlier, they'd confined the damage to one end of a mobile home that caught fire on Williamson Street. 

Both Station 1 and Station 2 sent trucks and men to the Selvage home. 

"Derek Elliott and Todd Downs were the first 2 guys in," Pettry said. Other firefighters soon followed.

There were no cars in the garage, but there were some antiques and furniture, Pettry said. 

Several off-duty firefighters showed up to assist. That was a huge help. 

"The guys who'd been fighting the fire were exhausted," Pettry said. "Then there were all the hoses and everything to roll up. It was like a wrestling match. They tagged out and the extra guys tagged in.

The Selvages told Pettry they heard crackling in the garage and that was the first they knew of the fire. Their daughter Whitney went to check on it and discovered the fire. Their other daughter Katie Marie was not home.

Fire chief Brian Waldrop was one of the first fire department personnel on scene and served as the scene commander. 

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