Last week, Guntersville's 7th graders won and the 8th graders got beat.

This week, those roles were flipped. The 8th grade won and the 7th grade was defeated. 

Both teams played their home openers Tuesday night at Chorba-Lee Stadium. The 8th grade defeated Madison County 32-12. The 7th grade fell to Pisgah 46-20.

The latest games mean each team is now 1-1 on the season. 

They will travel to Albertville Tuesday night. The Guntersville coaches are expecting brutal conditions in that one. 

"The temperature is supposed to be around 100 Tuesday," Guntersville coach Kenny Chaffin said. "That's an artificial turf field in Albertville. Artificial turf is great when it rains, but it holds heat in when it's hot. It'll be 120 to 130 on the field."

They warned the players to hydrate starting Sunday and Monday in preparation for the road trip Tuesday.

The 8th Grade

Guntersville's 8th grade jumped on Madison Count early, then cruised to a 32-12 win. It was really a little more lopsided than it sounded as Madison County scored a late touchdown in the contest.

"We took one on the chin against Cullman the week before, but we really improved in this one," Chaffin said. "The offense played well. The defense played well."

E.J. Havis ran the ball strong, he said. And Eli Morrison threw it well, hooking up with Carter Britt on a touchdown pass. 

"Royce Baucom had a really good game on the offensive line," Chaffin said. "The line played well as a unit. Duncan Morris had a great game on both sides of the ball, but especially at linebacker."

There are only 18 players on the team, so there aren't a lot of opportunities to substitute. But everyone got to play in this one. 

"A win makes you feel better," Chaffin said. "It was good for us."

The 7th Grade

This one was a bit of a mismatch and there's a pretty good reason. Guntersville played all 7th graders. But Pisgah doesn't have quite the numbers that Guntersville does so their team was made up of both 7th and 8th graders. 

At middle school ages, a year can make a pretty big difference and Pisgah was bigger, stronger and faster. Pisgah won it 46-20.  

"The 7th grade took one on the chin," Chaffin said. "But it was a good learning experience and they will bounce back."

Julyon Jordan had 2 scores for Guntersville in the first half. Cam Gentle scored a touchdown in the second half. 

Pisgah had a lot of talented 8th graders and ran the Wing T.

"They're coached by Luke Pruitt and he coaches both the varsity and the junior high," Chaffin said. "It makes for a long day at the office for him."

Pruitt is the son of former Albertville High coach Dale Pruitt and the brother of University of Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt. 

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