The Guntersville football team lost its first 2 games in a 7-on-7 passing camp at Albertville High School Tuesday. But the ‘Cats rallied and won their remaining 2 games in pool play. 

Then they won 2 games in the tournament after lunch, but fell to Pell City in a close one in the finals.

Guntersville had defeated Pell City earlier in the day.

The Wildcats lost to Albertville and Boaz in those first 2 games, but they redeemed one of the losses by defeating the Aggies in an afternoon game.

Passing camp football is much different than real football. It’s kind of a mix between backyard one-hand tag football and Canadian football rolled into one.

Only the backs, receivers and defensive backs participate. Every play is a passing play, so its pretty exciting to watch.

“Some teams run stuff only for 7-on-7,” Guntersville coach Lance Reese said. “Some will only take their defensive backs. We take our linebackers too and we run the stuff we’re going to run in the season. That’s the benefit of going to these camps.”

The 7-on-7 rules in a nutshell are:

  • Each game has a 20-minute running clock.
  • Each possession starts on the 40 yard line (2 games can go on simultaneously, one on each end of the field).
  • It takes 15 yards to get a first down.
  • Touchdowns are 6 points. An extra point passing play from the 5-yard line is one point. A team can go for 2 by lining up for the point after from the 10.
  • The defense can score points. An interception is 3 points. If the defense stops the offense from scoring, it’s 2 points. “A game can swing 10 points on one series if you get the stop, score and get the extra point,” Reese said.
  • The quarterback has 4 seconds to pass or it’s considered a “sack.”
  • An unruly player can get ejected from a game, just like in real football. One guy ran his mouth while we were watching after the ref had warned him. He was sent to the sideline for the rest of the game.

Guntersville defeated North Sand Mountain and Albertville Tuesday. Reese said his team got out of the day what they wanted. None of the Wildcat losses were by more than a touchdown.

Logan Pate, who played quarterback as a freshman last year, is bigger and stronger as a sophomore. He showed a nice touch on his passing and he threw a few 40-yard passes.

Jack Harris was a good receiver last year and looks even stronger this year. He made a one-handed circus catch for a touchdown as we watched.

“During the varsity lunch break, our JV played Boaz’s JV,” Reese said. “It was good to get the younger guys some work too.”

Reese gave kudos to new Albertville coach Cliff Mitchell.

“It was nice to get this invitation, especially since the work is still not finished on our track and we’ve not had the opportunity to host one of these events this year,” he said.

This concluded the 7-on-7 season for Guntersville. They played at Gadsden City and Samford earlier.

The boys were lifting weights and running this week. They’ll get next week off, then begin fall practice Aug. 5. Even though they’ve been working all summer, the first 3 days of practice still has to be in shorts and helmets only.

“We used to have a week of 2-a-days, but school starts Aug. 7, so we won’t do that this year,” Reese said.

The Wildcats travel to North Jackson for a jamboree on Aug 23.

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