It was mixed results for Guntersville Middle School’s football teams when they traveled to Cullman for the season opener this week. The 7th graders won 18-8. The 8th graders fell 36-0 to a much larger Cullman squad.

The evening started with a half-hour lightning delay, Coach Kenny Chaffin said. There was a pretty good rain with the storm, but the wet conditions were no big deal at Cullman. The school plays football on an artificial turf field.

“We play a couple schools now with turf fields,” Chaffin said. “It’s nice when you have a storm. When you have 3 or 4 games a week on a grass field, you have to worry about the turf getting torn up. That’s not an issue with a turf field.”

7th Grade

There’s a huge class of 7th graders playing football, 32 in all. This was their first junior high game and they won 18-8.

“It’s a learning process for these kids,” Chaffin said. “What we were really looking for was a great effort and they gave it.”

Julian Jordan scored all 3 of Guntersville’s touchdowns. All 3 were rushing TDs.

Cam Logan caught a nice pass over the middle for the young ‘Cats.

8th Grade

The 8th grade team was simply outmatched by a bigger, stronger Cullman team.

“They have 40-something players, we have 17,” Chaffin said. “They have 8 coaches. We have 4. They separate their team into 2 groups, offense and defense, and that’s all they play. With 17 guys, some of our guys never leave the field.”

Even though the scoreboard was lopsided, Chaffin saw something in his team he really liked.

“Our guys never quit playing hard from beginning to end,” he said. “There was no complaining and they kept a good attitude. They are going to get better.”

Home Opener

The first home games of the 2019 season for the junior high teams are Tuesday night.

The 8th graders will play Madison County at 5 p.m. at Phil Isom Field at Guntersville High School.

The 7th graders will play Pisgah’s combined 7th and 8th grade team at 6:30.

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