The Asbury football team recently went to Appalachian and completed its first ever 7-on-7 competition.

“It was a good experience for us,” Asbury coach Chris Williams said. “Appalachian has a new coach. It was just them and us. We ran it like a practice and a 7-on-7. We could take a moment and teach someone if we needed to. We played a couple of games and the scores were 14-8 and 8-6. That shows it was very competitive.”

He said the Rams have to learn to be a little more physical.

“We got to learn at the competition and play some man defense,” Williams said. “We got to teach some skills to the secondary, which was awesome. We worked a lot of young guys in different positions.”

20 Ram football players in all made the trip, 12 backs and receivers and 8 linemen. The linemen competed in their own skill challenges.

“Our focus this summer has been on getting stronger in the weight room and getting experience for these young players,” Williams said. “The 7-on-7 was a great experience for our very first one.”

It was hot with not many breaks, but the team kept a great attitude and gave a great effort, Williams said.

They’ll play again this week when they travel to Sylvania for another 7-on-7. There are 9 teams and the Rams will get 8 games.

Asbury will travel to Albertville on July 23 for their final 7-on-7 of the off season.

They’ll start fall camp in early August and travel to Brindlee Mountain for the first game on Aug. 23.

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