The Guntersville High football team will travel to Gadsden City Thursday for a 7-on-7 passing competition, their first of the offseason.

The Wildcats had hoped to host some competition days, but the rubberized surface of the renovated GHS track has not been put down yet. That work is not scheduled to start until July 8, Coach Lance Reese said. And they can’t use the field until the track work is finished.

“We can’t use our practice field for a play date because it’s not a regulation field,” he said. “It looks like we will be traveling this summer for our competition days.”

All the varsity skill players will be going to the camp at Gadsden City, but not the linemen.

Alex Pate, who played as a freshman last year and even started a game or 2, will be back at quarterback.

“It’s going to be a good experience for Pate,” Reese said. “He’s just a sophomore, so it will be good for him to get this competition experience.”

Pate will be without 2 of his weapons, however. Trelle Harris and Jerrell Williamson have both had knee surgeries and are still recovering.

That’s going to open up next week’s camp for some of the newcomers to get some reps.

Jack Harris and Campbell Leach are back at receiver and defensive back.

“Cooper Davidson started for us as a freshman last year and will get a lot of playing time at the competition,” Reese said.

Guntersville started 4 freshmen last season. The good news is they have some experience now. But they are still just sophomores and need to glean all the more game type experience they can get.

On the offensive line, Guntersville will have 3 new starters this season, Reese said. The returners are Jessie Coville and Brooks Martin.

Guntersville is trying to get in three 7-on-7 camps this summer. They’ll go to one at Samford University and one in Decatur put on by the FCA.

The Wildcats had to cancel the normal camp they hold for young players this year because of the issue with the track. But the team continues to work in the weight room to get stronger and prepare for the season.

“We’re working in the weight room every morning Monday through Thursday,” Reese said.

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