Presidential Service Awards

Honorees at the RSVP Volunteer Service brunch were, from left, Christine Segatti, Marilyn Wafler, Jean Ann Moon, (RSVP Director), Patty Houston, Helen Morrison, and Congressman Robert Aderholt, Alabama Fourth District, who presented the awards. 

At the Marshall County Retired and Senior Volunteer Program’s annual volunteer recognition brunch, 7 local RSVP volunteers received the President’s Volunteer Service Awards.

In his State of the Union Address, January of 2003, President Bush made his “Call to Service.” He asked all Americans to give at least 4,000 hours over the rest of their lives to volunteer service.

This year 6 Marshall County RSVP volunteers achieved The President’s Lifetime Volunteer Service Award of giving 4,000 hours or more of volunteer service over a lifetime. These hours had to be verified by timesheets that RSVP has been keeping for the past twenty years on computer. This is the 16th year the Presidential Awards have been given.

Over the 16 years, 150 Marshall County RSVP volunteers have been honored with the Lifetime Volunteer Service Award. This is a great lifetime achievement.

This year’s recipients were Debbie, Caldwell, Patty Houston, Helen Morrison, Rita Reinbold, Christine Segatti and Marilyn Wafler.

The President recognized one local RSVP volunteer who has given 500 hours or more of volunteer service over the last year. This makes 277 Marshall County RSVP volunteers who have received this honor over the past 16 years. Volunteers can only receive the Gold Award once and then their hours count toward their Lifetime Award. The volunteer who received the President’s Gold Service Award for 2019 was Kathey Claborn.

Congressman Robert Aderholt, Alabama Fourth District, presented the Presidential Awards.

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