Edgar Almanza-Zarazua

Edgar Almanza-Zarazua is placed in a Marshall County Sheriff's patrol car last year after being extradited from Mexico to face a murder charge in Marshall County.

Edgar Almanza-Zarazua has been sentenced to 20 years for manslaughter.

He was the illegal immigrant returned to Marshall County from Mexico nearly a year ago. He had been indicted 4 years earlier in the shooting death of a Boaz woman.

Originally charged with murder, he pled guilty to the reduced charge of manslaughter and got the 20 years in Judge Tim Riley’s courtroom.

It’s a straight sentence to be served. He was ordered to pay $750 for his court appointed attorney and $50 to the state victims compensation fund. Restitution will remain open for 60 days.

The defendant has holds placed on him by Immigration and is subject to removal from the country after completing his sentence.

The case caused local officials to marvel when the long-missing Almanza-Zarazua was returned to the county last year.

“We’re all just in awe that this happened,” Sheriff Phil Sims said at the time. “Given the political climate with Mexico, we’re just not seeing a lot of this.”

Almanza-Zarazua, 24, was charged with shooting to death Gloria Palomec, 24, back in 2016, Sheriff Phil Sims said the shooting happened on Casey Lane near Boaz and was worked by the sheriff’s office and the Boaz Police Department, with assistance from the DA’s office. Palomec was Almanza-Zarazua's girlfriend, the sheriff said.

But Almanza-Zarazua fled the country before they could arrest him. They ended up filing charges on him at that time, but he was nowhere to be found.

In the meantime, Sheriff Sims said, Almanza-Zarazua got in trouble in Mexico and ended up in jail there. He was accused of killing someone in Mexico too.

“The U.S. Marshals and our local DA’s office have been working for a year to try to get him extradited back to Marshall County,” Sheriff Sims said last year.

Everything came to a head and U.S. Marshals flew him back to this country. Deputies met him at the airport and it ultimately led to this week’s long sentence being handed down 4 years after his crime.

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