For more than 20 years, Roberta Stout has written the news of South Sauty and Five Points, the communities just north of Lake Guntersville State Park known for their broad farmlands and lakeside access.

But she has decided it is time to give it up. It’s just getting harder to get up a column of news.

Roberta and her husband Jack lived at South Sauty for many years. They moved to the permanent lots at Mountain Lakes Resort 19 years ago.

“I don’t know as many people at South Sauty as I once did,” Roberta said. “We go to church there, but that’s about it. I could write a Mountain Lakes news column but that didn’t sound right.”

Her time covering the South Sauty news has been anything but dull.

She brought the readers of The Advertiser-Gleam news of the “Under the Bridge” fishing club. The late Bill Ingall provided the details for that and it was always great fun to read about his adventures with his fishing cronies.

She also often shared about the Lilies of the Valley, a ladies club based at South Sauty who enjoyed all kinds of adventures eating out and seeing the sights around northeast Alabama.

She wrote about Elvis visiting Mountain Lakes Resort every year. It wasn’t the real Elvis, since he’s dead, but was rather Rockmart, Georgia, Elvis impersonator Bill Brooks.

“He’s coming back in August,” Roberta said.

The community bunco club and its winners got a mention in her columns.

Roberta broke the news on big stories too, including a shark that showed up on a pier at Mountain Lakes. That story took on a life of its own in the pages of The Advertiser-Gleam.

“We’ve really enjoyed living at Mountain Lakes,” Roberta said. “A lot of people who are visiting like to walk near the permanent sites. They’ll stop and talk to us and ask if we like it. We tell them, ‘Well, we’ve been here 19 years.’”

It sounds kind of like a permanent campout. Roberta said that doesn’t miss the description by much.

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