These folks were in front of the Courthouse last Thursday morning protesting the availability of prescription pills in Marshall County. They said doctors and pharmacies are complicit in the opioid crisis because they don't properly track prescriptions. The protesters are, from left:

Front - Stephanie Hardin, Payton Brow and Christi Jones. 

Back - T.J. McCord and Lane Rains. 

There was a small protest with a big message in front of the Guntersville Courthouse last Thursday morning. 

The protesters said many doctors and pharmacies in Marshall County are complicit in the opioid crisis because they don't bother checking what other doctors and pharmacies have dispensed before dispensing medication to patients. 

Many of the protesters carried "Justice for Luke" signs. 

Christi Jones organized the protest. Her 29-year-old son Luke died of an overdose last spring. 

"In the last 6 months of his life, 3 different doctors prescribed him 1,100 pills and pharmacies filled those prescriptions," she said. 

She said the doctors and pharmacies have the technology to keep up with what their colleagues are prescribing but they didn't take the time to check.

"The pill mills have got to be stopped," she said. "It's doctors and pharmacies here in Marshall County. We just want to bring awareness to this issue."

Her son's lethal combination was a mixture of sedatives and pain medication. 

Lane Rains, who was part of the group, said so often it is an injury that leads to addiction for a patient. 

"They hurt their back or their knee and they get hooked," he said. He indicated he'd even known people who got hooked on pain meds after complicated dental procedures. 

"1,100 pills in 6 months is excessive," Jones said. 

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