Judge Claude Hundley

Judge Claude Hundley has moved up from District Court to Circuit Court in Madison County.

Guntersville native Claude Hundley has now been appointed a circuit judge in Madison County. He had been serving as district judge there. He is 60.

The appointment was made by Gov. Kay Ivey to fill the spot of a judge who'd retired. Now she will also have to appoint someone to serve in the slot Hundley vacated. 

Hundley had just won re-election without opposition to a 6-year term as district judge. But he'd been wanting to move up to the circuit judgeship for some time, so it was a good opportunity for him. He will have to run for re-election for the circuit judgeship in 2020.

Hundley grew up in Guntersville and graduated from Guntersville High School in 1976. He then attended the University of Alabama for both his undergraduate studies and his law degree.

From 1984 until 1990, the practiced with George Barnett in Guntersville. Their firm was Barnett and Hundley and later Barnett, Hundley and Driskill.

He began practicing in Huntsville in 1991 and became a district judge there in 2011. His specialty while in private practice was civil litigation, primarily workman’s compensation case.

As a circuit judge, he will be hearing a variety of cases including civil and criminal cases. He is one of 7 circuit judges in Madison County.

Hundley said the practice of law “was something that had my attention” even as a teen. At the University of Alabama, some of the resident advisers at his dorm were in law school.

“They helped me to realize that what I thought was a pipe dream was really possible,” he said.

While he works and lives in Huntsville, Hundley is still very much a part of the Guntersville community as well.

“I still go to church at St. Minor Primitive Baptist in Guntersville,” he said. And he added that he has enough relatives in Guntersville “to sow a field.”

When he’s not working, he likes to attend Alabama football games.

He’s not going to the college football playoff semi-final in Miami.

“But if they do well, I will be going to California,” he said.

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