U-1 Delta/Realtrac

Driver: Andrew Tate

Residence: Walled Lake, Michigan

Age: 29

Occupation: Production Manager, Sun Coatings

Years Driving H1 Unlimited Hydroplanes: 4

Tate’s Past Victories: 9

Team: Jones Racing

Team Web Site: www.U9Racing.com

Team Homeport: Kent, Washington

Year Built: 1992

Length: 29-feet, 2-inches

Width: 14-feet, 4-inches

Weight: 6,900 lbs.

Engine: Lycoming T-55/L-7 Turbine

Crew Chief: TBA

Crew: None provided

Owners: Lori and Mike Jones, Lake Tapps, Wash.

Team Victories: 11

2018 Season Standing: 1st

2018 Wins: 5

Andrew Tate doesn’t need an Ancestry DNA or 23andMe genetics test to know racing boats is in his DNA. His great-grandfather, grandfather, father, and mother all raced boats. Now, as a fourth-generation boat racer, you could say Tate was born to drive hydroplanes because it is in his blood.

Tate won five of six races last year including the American Power Boat Association’s Gold Cup on the Detroit River. His father, Mark, who drove a H1 Unlimited hydroplane from 1990 to 2004, also won the century old trophy in 1991 & 1994. With his five victories, Tate also captured the H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Racing Series national championship title allowing his team to wear the U-1 moniker this season.

He began racing H1 Unlimited hydroplanes in 2016 where as a rookie he won his first winner-take-all final at the Albert Lee Appliance Cup in Seattle driving the U-9 Sound Propeller Service/Les Schwab Tire hydroplane. Three years into his young career, Tate has added eight more race victories to his trophy case. One is the prestigious President’s Cup that he won in 2017 in Detroit near his home in Walled Lake, Michigan.

Tate, who is single, had two loves growing up --boat racing and hockey. He started skating at the age of two and grew up racing boats in the spring and summer, and played hockey in the fall and winter.

He had what he calls a “semi-successful” hockey career, playing for Little Caesars AAA Midget Major program out of Detroit and went on to play Junior. He said he thought growing up he might be a professional hockey player not a professional hydroplane racer.

With his win at last year’s Southern Cup, the U-9 Delta/Realtrac became the oldest race hull ever to win an H1 Unlimited hydroplane race. The hydroplane is 27-years-old and is two years younger than its driver. It began as the U-102 Coors Dry with Dave Villwock driving. Villwock won his first of 67 wins, the most career victories in the sport’s history.

Lori and Mike Jones have run the U-1 Delta/Realtrac hydroplane since 2000 and have owned H1 Unlimited hydros since 1994.

U-6 Miss HomeStreet

Driver: Jimmy Shane

Residence: Maple Valley, Washington

Age: 33

Occupation: Integration Engineer, Blue Origin

Years Driving H1 Unlimited Hydroplanes: 12

Shane’s Victories: 17

Team: Miss Madison Racing

Team Homeport: Madison, Indiana

Year Built: 2018

Length: 32 feet

Width: 14-feet, 4-inches

Weight: 6,260 lbs.

Engine: Lycoming T-55/L-7 Turbine

Crew Chief: TBA

Crew: Nick Bononcinii, Kirkland, Wash.; Richard Dunn, Madison, Ind.; Pat “Snake” Furnish, Madison, Ind.; Jimmy Gilbert, Houston, Texas; Charlie Grooms, Madison, Ind.; Mike Hanson, Seattle; Larry Hanson, Auburn, Wash.; Trey Holt, Madison, Ind.; Julie Hooton, Rochester Hills, Mich.; Mark Hooton, Rochester Hills, Mich.; Drew Moore, Bedford, Ky.; Rhett Rice, Houston, Texas; James Snell, Milton, Ky.; Matt Sontag, Madison, Ind.; Gary Spanner, Pasco, Wash.

Owners: Residents of the City of Madison, Indiana

Team Victories: 32

2018 Season Standing: 2nd

2018 Wins: 1

Jimmy Shane, who resides in Maple Valley, Washington, drives for the eight-time national champion U-6 Miss HomeStreet. At the beginning of the 2019 season, 33-year-old Shane had 17 victories, the most wins of any active driver. The team struggled last year after unexpected personnel changes but won the 68th annual Indiana Governor’s Cup. In his eleven years racing Shane has won five H1 Unlimited hydroplane driver’s championship titles, three American Power Boat Association Gold Cup trophies, and two U.I.M. World Championships. This is Shane’s sixth season driving for Miss Madison Racing who began his career in H1 Unlimited hydroplane in 2007.

When he isn’t racing, Shane is an integration engineer at Blue Origin. His wife Bianca is a former H1 Unlimited hydroplane driver and Shane’s father and mother raced smaller inboard hydroplanes.

The team’s boat debuted in 2018 and has proven to be one of the fastest on the racecourse.

Shane’s team, Miss Madison Racing, based in Madison, Indiana, is the oldest continuous racing team on the circuit, and like the Green Bay Packers, is owned by the citizens of the city. The city began racing in 1961 and at the beginning of this season had amassed 31 victories including four American Power Boat Association Gold Cups, the oldest active motorsports trophy.

The 2001 major-motion picture Madison was released and is based of the team’s struggle to gain a victory at the town’s hometown race in 1971.

U-7 Spirit of Detroit

Driver: Bert “Hot Foot” Henderson

Residence: Brockville, Ontario Canada

Age: 47

Occupation: Owner/Boat Builder, Henderson Hydroplanes

Years Driving H1 Unlimited Hydroplanes: 3

Henderson’s Victories: 0

Team: Spirit of Detroit

Team Homeport: Detroit, Michigan

Year Built: 1996

Length: 29-feet, 8-inches

Width: 14-feet, 5-inches

Weight: 6,800 lbs.

Engine: Lycoming T-55/L-7 Turbine

Crew Chief: Bill Guckian, Michigan

Crew: Jamie Auld, Ontario, Canada; Len Bartush , Michigan; Dean Boike , Colorado; Bob Catipovic ,New York; Teddy Dudley, Michigan; Tom Kelly, Michigan; Doug Peterson, Ontario, Canada; Samuel Stechishen, Ontario, Canada; Chip Van Antwerp, Michigan; Andrew Werling, Indiana.

Owner: David Bartush, Detroit, Mich.

Team Victories [prior to the start of the season]: 0

2018 Season Standing: 10th

2018 Wins: 0

Bert Henderson got his first chance at driving an H1 Unlimited hydroplane in 2016, when he took the U-57 Spirit of Detroit out for a few exploratory laps during the Detroit event. He showed enough skill as a driver that in 2017, owner Dave Bartush hired “Hot Foot” Henderson to drive. His best finish prior to the beginning of the season was fourth in the 2017 President’s Cup’s final. He crashed out of the 2017 Gold Cup after colliding with the U-12 Graham Trucking. Fortunately, Henderson was not injured in the breath-taking crash. His only race last year was the American Power Boat Association’s Gold Cup trophy race in Detroit.

Henderson attaches great importance to his preparation before each preliminary heat and final. He isolates himself from fans and crew and thinks of the strategies he will use while visualizing the race in his head several times from start-to-finish. A naturally humble and first-class competitor, Henderson insists that he shakes the hand of his opponents before each race. For him, the handshake is an important way to consider his competitors and the sport at fair value.

The 47-year-old Henderson operates a successful race boat building and repair company, Henderson Hydroplanes in Ontario, Canada.

Team owner Dave Bartish purchased his H1 Unlimited hydroplane, the former U-5 Graham Trucking/U-1 Miss Budweiser hull (T-5) in 2016 after competing with various race hulls on-and-off since 2005. During the course of the last two years, the team has to rebuilt the hydroplane and is ready to score their first victory. This is the first time since 2010 that the team has run the entire racing circuit. Bartish is also an avid collector of vintage unlimited hydroplanes.

U-11 J&D’s presented by Reliable Diamond Tool

Driver: Tom Thompson

Residence: Cambridge, Maryland

Age: 56

Occupation: Owner, Thompson Propane Systems

Years Driving H1 Unlimited Hydroplanes: 8

Thompson’s Victories: 0

Team: Unlimited Racing Group, LLC

Team Web Site: www.U11Racing.com

Team Homeport: Edmonds, Washington

Year Built: 1993, rebuilt 2017

Length: 29-feet, 11-inches

Width: 14-feet, 6-inches

Weight: 6,700 lbs.

Engine: Lycoming T-55/L-7 Turbine

Crew Chief: Scott Raney, Edmonds, Wash.

Crew: David Cormier, Lake Stevens, Wash.; Brandon Crouse, Preston, Wash.; Brenden Hall, Levin, New Zealand; Brian Hedberg, Lynnwood, Wash.; Sam Houghtaling, Easton, Wash.; Travis Johnson, Madison, Ind.; Paul “PK” Kiser: Bronson, Mich.; Ken Knudsen, Everett, Wash.; Scott Lake, Richland, Wash.; Lee Langley, Lake Stevens, Wash.; Mike Parker, Olalla, Wash.; Fynn Peterson, Seattle; Jack Peterson Seattle; Ashley Raney, Edmonds, Wash.; Kellen Raney, Edmonds, Wash.; Emily Raney, Ellensburg, Wash. Randy Roe: Taylor, Mich.; Wes Ward, Auburn, Wash.

Owners: Shannon and Scott Raney, Edmonds, Wash.

Team Victories [prior to the start of the season]: 0

2018 Season Standing: 3rd

2018 Wins: 0

Tom Thompson’s career in the H1 Unlimited Racing Series began relatively late in his career when, at the age of 50, he was hired to replace J.W. Myers at the controls of the U-11 Unlimited Racing Group’s hydroplane for the 2012 season. He has driven for the team his entire career. Now 56, Thompson has yet to win a championship trophy during his eight years with the team, but is coming off his most successful season scoring three-podium finishes and four preliminary heat victories. He placed third in the driver’s H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Racing Series national high points standings.

Thompson hails from Cambridge, Maryland, a hotbed of hydroplane racing history that sits on the southern banks of the Choptank River, about 60 miles southeast of Baltimore, Md. Thompson says his hometown hosts the oldest running power boat race in the country and has more national champions, Hall of Champion inductees, and world speed record holders than any other town.

Thompson’s wife, Chrissy, and daughter, Savana, join him at the races every chance they get, and when he’s not driving a race boat, he operates Thompson Propane Systems in Cambridge, Maryland.

The U-11 J&D’s presented by Reliable Diamond Tool hydroplane began her career as the 1993 U-2 Miss T-Plus and has three wins during its history. The boat has been owned by the Raney’s since 2011.

The team operates a STEM program called Acceleration Racing, a chance for grade school and high school students hands-on STEM inquiry learning opportunities through the power of the extreme sport of H1 Unlimited hydroplane racing.

U-12 Graham Trucking

Driver: J. Michael Kelly

Residence: Bonney Lake, Washington

Age: 40

Occupation: Lead Carpenter, Frontier Door

Years Driving H1 Unlimited Hydroplanes: 16

Kelly’s Victories: 8

Team: Graham Trucking Racing

Team Homeport: Fife, Washington

Year Built: 2000

Length: 29-feet, 10-inches

Width: 14-feet, 6-inches

Weight: 6,750 lbs.

Engine: Lycoming T-55/L-7 Turbine

Crew Chief: Tom Anderson, Renton, Wash.

Crew: Scott Baker, Enumclaw, Wash.; Pat Berryman, Orting, Wash.; Jerry Bowers, Fife, Wash.; Justin Ellis, Kent Wash.;

Brian Hajny, Orting, Wash.; Jeff Kelly, Auburn, Wash.; Quinton Miller, Mercer Island, Wash.; Craig Norton, Detroit Mich.; Sandy Pearl, Lake Tapps, Wash.; Kevin Stoltz, Mukilteo, Wash.; Andy Stowell, Hooper, Neb.; Bryan Pyziak, Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada; John Walcker, Chelan, Wash.

Owner: Rob Graham, Mercer Island, Wash.

Team Victories [prior to the start of the season]: 0

2018 Season Standing: 8th

2018 Wins: 0

J. Michael Kelly and the U-12 Graham Trucking team only competed in two races last year and the popular driver and team are back on the entire circuit in 2019. Kelly is known as one of the most consistent starters on the circuit, an advantage for the team. Many have compared his starts to the late great driver, Bill Muncey. He has partnered with long-time crew chief Tom Anderson for each of his eight career victories. Although with a different owner, all but one of his victories had been in the cockpit of this hydroplane. Kelly scored his first H1 Unlimited hydroplane win at the 2009 inaugural U.I.M. World Championship Oryx Cup in Doha, Qatar. Kelly said his goal this year is winning the H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Racing Series national championship, something he has never been able to accomplish. His 16-year career makes him the most seasoned driver among active drivers on the circuit.

Kelly’s hydroplane is a former Miss Budwieser that was purchased by long-time hydroplane sponsor, Rob Graham in 2017. Graham who owns a transportation company in the Pacific Northwest has been sponsoring H1 Unlimited hydroplanes since 1994. His company’s first primary hydroplane sponsorship came in 1996. During the past offseason he purchase a second hydroplane, the former U-99.9 and will field two boats at selected races. Graham Trucking is the longest standing consecutive sponsor in H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Racing Series.

U-98 Graham Trucking American Dream

Driver: Corey Peabody

Residence: Kent, Wash.

Age: 40

Occupation: Construction Superintendent, Northway Construction

Years Driving H1 Unlimited Hydroplanes: 2

Peabody’s Victories: O

Team: Graham Trucking Racing

Team Homeport: Fife, Washington

Year Built: 1998

Length: 29-feet, 4-inches

Width: 14-feet, 6-inches

Weight: 7,000 lbs.

Engine: Lycoming T-55/L-7 Turbine

Crew Chief: Brooke Tyler IV, Windsor, Conn.

Crew: Bob Burks, Snohomish, Wash.; Ray Burton, Tacoma, Wash.; Chris Sparks, Raymond, Wash.; Ken Warren, Covington, Wash.

Owner: Rob Graham, Mercer Island, Wash.

Team Victories [prior to the start of the season]: 0

2018 Season Standings: 7th [ran as U-99.9 CARSTARS powers Miss Rock/driver Aaron Salmon]

2018 Wins: 0

Rookie driver, 40-year-old Corey Peabody is behind the wheel of the U-98 Graham Trucking American Dream, the team’s second entry at select races. Peabody became a qualified H1 Unlimited hydroplane driver in 1996 after spending three years on the crew. His only race came in 2016 in the 100th running of the American Power Boat Racing’s Gold Cup trophy race, the holly-grail to boat racers around the world. Much like a red-shirt college athlete, Peabody is considered a rookie because he has not competed in more than three races in a season.

An elementary school classmate of J. Michael Kelly, driver of the U-12 Graham Trucking, Peabody has been racing outboard hydroplanes alongside Kelly since 1998.

Long-time hydroplane crewman, Brooke Tyler IV, is the crew chief for Peabody’s team.

Purchased in the off-season by Rob Graham after Stacey Briseno tragically passed away prior to the start of the last race in 2018, Graham was concerned about the possibility of the sport loosing the race team. As a tribute to his company’s first primary sponsorship in 1998, he renumbered the boat after that year and emulates the paint job as well.

U-440 Bucket List Racing

Driver: Dustin Echols

Residence: Monroe, Washington

Age: 39

Occupation: Diesel & Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Years Driving H1 Unlimited Hydroplanes: 3

Echols’ Victories: 0

Team: Bucket List Racing

Team Web Site: None

Team Homeport: Snohomish, Washington

Year Built: 2005, modified for Turbine power in ’12, & rebuilt in ‘15

Length: 28-feet

Width: 13-feet 4-inches

Weight: 4,440 lbs.

Engine: Lycoming T-53 Turbine

Crew Chief: Taylor Evans, Sammamish, Wash.

Crew: Noah Alcala, Sammamish, Wash.; Mark Kauth, Everett, Wash.; Paul Notch, Tri-City, Wash.; Max O’Keefe, Issaquah, Wash.; Clay Stocklin, Watertown, Wis.; Mike Stocklin, Watertown, Wis.

Owners: Sharon and Kelly Stocklin

Team Victories: 0

2018 Season Standings: 4th

2018 Wins: 0

At 39-years-old, Echols had extensive experience in smaller limited class hydroplanes before his debut in the H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Racing Series in 2017. Although his U-440 Bucket List Racing boat is the smallest in the field and has a engine that is rated with a less horse power than the competition, Echols and his team appeared at every points race last year. They ended their season in fourth-place in the H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Racing Series national points standings.

Echols has always admired the H1 Unlimited hydroplane class as the pinnacle of power boat racing and made driving a H1 Unlimited hydroplane an item on his bucket list, an item that is now a dream come true.

The U-440 Bucket List Racing is a younger fan’s favorite hydroplane because of its bright orange color. It began as an experimental G Class Hydroplane on the now defunct automotive series. It has been re-powered with a Lycoming T-53 turbine engine that has been used in helicopters and fixed-winged aircraft sine the 1950s.

In 2012, Sharon and Kelly Stocklin teamed together to promote a more economical alternative to H1 Unlimited hydroplane racing that is more suited to entry level and start-up teams. They hope it helps promote the idea that new owners in H1 Unlimited hydroplane racing can be successful competitors. Kelly, the 2012 H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Racing Series rookie-of-the-year, retired from driving after a spectacular crash in San Diego in 2016. His crash made nation-wide headlines including Good Morning America.

U-3 Go3Racing

Driver: Jimmy King

Residence: Memphis, Mich.

Age: 58

Occupation: Owner, King Masonry

Years Driving H1 Unlimited Hydroplanes: 21

King’s Victories [prior to the start of the season]: 0

Team: Go3Racing

Team Web Site: www.Go3Racing.com

Team Homeport: Evansville, Indiana

Year Built: 2002

Length: 28-feet, 3 -inches

Width: 14-feet, 6-inches

Weight: 6,750 lbs.

Engine: Dual turbocharged Allison V-12

Crew Chief: Ed Cooper, Jr.

Owner: Ed Cooper, Jr.

Team Victories: 4

2018 Season Standings: 9th

2018 Wins: 0

Jimmy King became driver of the Go3 Racing team in 2005 and is the sport’s only piston-powered H1 Unlimited hydroplane. In recent years the team only appeared at the HAPO Columbia Cup, but is by far the noisiest and its engine noise pleases the nostalgic H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Racing Series race fans. King’s last podium was in 2017 and his team has not won a race since 2003.

King first stepped into an Unlimited in 1994, driving the Miss Exide II, and went on to drive the Miss Wellness Plan, Miss Elam Plus and LLumar Window Film before teaming up with the WWII engine powered Go3 Racing team.

Ed Cooper, Jr. is a retired schoolteacher that owns the team. He got hooked on H1 Unlimited hydroplane racing growing up in the river town of Madison, Ind. He became a crewmember on the Miss Madison Racing team and in 1986, after pooling his finances with his father, Ed Cooper, Sr., bought their first H1 Unlimited hydroplane. His current boat is the third hydroplane he has owned.

U-10 Spirit of Detroit II

Driver: Patrick Haworth

Residence: Valleyfield, Ontario Canada

Age: 48

Occupation: Owner, Voortman Cookies

Years Driving H1 Unlimited Hydroplanes: 1

Haworth’s Victories [prior to the start of the season]: 0

Team: Spirit of Detroit

Team Homeport: Detroit, Michigan

Year Built: 1989

Crew Chief: TBA

Owner: David Bartush, Detroit Mich.

Team Victories: 0

2018 Season Standings: Did not compete

2018 Wins: Did not compete

Rookie driver Patrick Haworth, an accomplished inboard hydroplane driver, made the jump to the H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Racing Series this season after Dave Bartush purchased the former U-88 Degree Men hydroplane and other race equipment from Joe Little of Lake Land, Florida.

The boat last ran in 2012 with Scott Liddycoat driving. The hydroplane is also a former Miss Budweiser, the third turbine-power Miss Budweiser and is very similar in design with Bartush’s primary hydroplane, the U-7 Spirit of Detroit.

U-66 Miss Madison

Driver: TBA

Team: Miss Madison Racing

Team Homeport: Madison, Indiana

Year Built: 2007

Length: 33-feet, 6-inches

Width: 14-feet, 4-inches

Weight: 6,800 lbs.

Engine: Lycoming T-55/L-7 Turbine

Crew Chief: TBA

Owners: Citizens of Madison, Indiana

Crew: TBA

Team Victories: 32

2018 Season Standings: 2nd [combined with U-6]

2018 Wins: 1 [as U-1 Miss HomeStreet/driven by Jimmy Shane]

The race boat ran the first half of the 2018 H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Racing Series as the U-1 Miss HomeStreet. Built in 2007 as Miss Madison Racing team’s U-6 Oberto hydroplane. It ran as the as Oberto until 2015 after which time it became the U-1 Miss HomeStreet. The hydroplane has 22 career wins and multiple national championships with both Steve David and Jimmy Shane as her driver.

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