Annette Holcomb

Annette Holcomb

Annette Holcomb is a candidate for Alabama House District 26. District 26 currently includes parts of Marshall and Dekalb Counties.

"As a nurse for over 30 years, with a Master of Leadership in Healthcare from UAH, I have worked in various fields and leadership roles," Holcomb said. "My husband, Richard and I have 4 daughters and 4 grandsons. I am a member of Connect Church.

"A proven fiscal leader: As a director over 5 departments, I worked with the healthcare team to achieve hospital accreditation without deficits, the first time in hospital history. I created new jobs and hired staff, which decreased overtime and improved morale, promoted continuing education, and increased wages, while staying under budget. Collaborating with other departments, we were able to reduce supply and medication waste saving over $160,000 yearly.

"A provider for education: As a healthcare leader, educator, and former instructor at Snead State, I understand a quality education is necessary for students to be successful in the workforce. I will work to repeal Common Core, a nationally implemented K-12 curriculum. Alabama’s test scores have continually declined under Common Core. Local school boards need more control over curriculums to meet the needs of student diversity. I also want to work with schools and the community college to promote technical skills needed for the workforce.

"An advocate for the community: Mental health illness is on the rise. Marshall County lacks facilities and staff to provide appropriate care, which leaves law enforcement to deal with this issue. Being a nurse and patient advocate, I can work with hospitals, mental health providers, and other community members to combat this healthcare concern. Alabama needs facilities for these individuals and a leader focused on solving the problem.

"Alabama has lost many businesses during the pandemic and needs strong leadership interested in our communities. I have helped recruit physicians, implemented new procedures, and purchased equipment to improve life for the community. I will work with businesses, the education system, the local health community, cut waste, and promote our beautiful district to other industries. I am a Christian conservative republican ready to serve the citizens of this district. I would appreciate your support and vote.

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