Thanksgiving Events

Andra and Jack David hosted Thanksgiving dinner for the Hardin clan. They recently built a new summerhouse on Hardin Road. Her parents, Bill and Wanda, have a cabin beside them. Joining them was Lana and Peggy Cowan, Wanda and Bill Adams and Mark, Jenny, John William and Clark Whitlow. Andy Whitaker visited later.

Wayne and Becky Whitaker hosted Thanksgiving dinner for their family. Their son Adam and his wife Amanda came up from Mobile, Alabama, for a few days. Andy Whitaker and Becky’s mother, Violet Heath, joined them.

Micky and Cindy Hunt went to Irondale for Thanksgiving. Joining them were their son Bryant and his fiancée, Juliana from Madison, and their daughter Chelsea and her husband Jeff from Tuscaloosa. Cindy’s mother Martha and Cindy’s brother Greg also went with them.

Phillip and Patricia Collie went to his sister Dolene’s house for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, Patricia had to have surgery on her knee Wednesday before Thanksgiving, so she was not feeling too well. She is doing well with physical therapy.

Ruth Prince fell on her concrete driveway Monday before Thanksgiving and fractured her pelvis. She will be in the hospital for at least three weeks. Her daughter, Marsha Boyett, says she is totally bedridden. Her Thanksgiving was not pleasant at all. We wish her all the best and a quick recovery.

Mike and Sandra Iffland’s son Zach, Mandy and their daughters came to visit them for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, Mike and Sandra came down with the flu shortly afterwards. Mike was admitted to Marshall North Hospital on the Wednesday after Thanksgiving for tests. Last word from his family said he was still in the hospital and they are running tests. They ask for your prayers.

Other News

Churches in the area have begun to practice their Christmas cantatas. I would love to include your Christmas events here. Please call me or email your church bulletin to the phone and address above.

Angie Patterson, Sonya Batey, Janie Bearden, Nancy Hubbard, and Vicky Stanfield celebrated birthdays. Happy birthday, ladies!

Mike Iffland, Wayne Whitaker and Andy Whitaker celebrated their birthdays. Happy birthday, gentlemen!

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