Marshall North Hospital

The local hospitals are drastically limiting visitors as a precaution for COVID-19.

Marshall Medical Centers is doing everything possible to continue providing quality healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many hospital procedures have been changed or cancelled in order to take care of the most critical patients. Our mission is to protect our staff and supplies so that we are able to meet the needs of our patients. To that end, we are publishing the very latest hospital and medical information through the media and on our website at It is crucial that the community respects the need to stay away from the hospital by everyone except those sick enough to be admitted. Please call first for information.

According to Gov. Ivey’s statewide public health order issued March 19, all visitors are prohibited except for certain compassionate care situations such as maternity and end-of-life. Elective procedures are being delayed effective immediately.

Other changes include:

- North and South Emergency Departments are providing care to people inside their cars in parking lots in order to cut down on the number of people in hospital lobbies and waiting areas. This is NOT for COVID-19 testing. No visitors are allowed in the Emergency Departments. People coming to the ED are asked to stay in their cars and wait for a nurse. Communication by phone will be established if necessary.

- MMC’s website is being revamped to make the latest information more easily accessible by the public. General daily updates will be made. Check to find information you may need.

- Labor & Delivery patients are limited to one visitor per OB patient. That one visitor is the only one allowed to be in the hospital for the duration of the patient’s stay.

- Absolutely no children are allowed in the hospital.

- Childbirth classes are cancelled until further notice.

- Day Surgery patients are limited to one visitor. That visitor will first be scanned for temperature and given an arm band. If the patient’s driver is sick, they are asked to stay in the car and will be given updates by phone.

- No one under the age of 16 will be allowed inside the hospital.

- Patients who are sick are asked to call and cancel scheduled procedures.

- Patients who use a CPAP machine are asked to bring their personal device from home if there is a possibility of staying overnight in the hospital.

- All cardiac and pulmonary rehab is indefinitely suspended as of March 20.

- Marshall Wellness Centers are closed as of the end of the day March 20. 

- Patient records are no longer available to be picked up in person. Records can be obtained remotely through At the bottom of the home page, click on Request Medical Records. For questions, call (256) 571-8163.

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