Sheriff’s deputies went to a South Sauty residence to serve a misdemeanor warrant last Saturday morning. It ended up turning into a 4-hour standoff with the man they sought, Sheriff Phil Sims said.

There were 20-plus dogs at the residence when deputies arrived, Sims said. A pit bull tried to bite a deputy and he shot and killed it. It happened at a residence in the 1600 block of South Sauty Road.

“We’d tried to serve this warrant previously and he had run,” Sims said. “We had good information that he was in the house when we went.”

Sims said the man tried to run out the back door last Saturday, saw deputies and ran back in the house and barricaded himself in a bedroom.

“A female was present,” Sims said. “We got her out of the house and started trying to talk the guy into coming out, but he refused.”

They ultimately called the Guntersville Police and Arab Police tactical teams to assist.

“Gas was deployed in the house,” Sims said. “The tac team went in and cleared the house. Ultimately, they found him hiding in the crawl space of the house.”

Benjamin Franklin Johnson, 45, was charged with resisting arrest, probation violation and 2 counts of failure to appear in court. Sims said he was out on bond on a drug possession charge when he was taken into custody Saturday. He’s being held in the county jail without bond on the charge of probation violation. Later this week,

The Marshall County animal control officer was called to deal with the dogs. Sims said some appeared malnourished.

The Wakefield Volunteer Fire Department stood by during the incident in case any emergency services were needed by their department.

The sheriff’s office does not have its own tactical team at present due to Sims’ reorganization of the sheriff’s office since taking office in January. He said the department is working towards a joint tac team with Guntersville and Arab.

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