Guntersville Lake HydroFest means the unofficial beginning of summer in Marshall County, especially on Lake Guntersville. HydroFest brings boat drivers and racing enthusiasts from across the country to Marshall County. It livens our streets and fuels our economy.

HydroFest needs volunteers. Volunteer coordinator Carol Thomas shared that there are already over 400 confirmed volunteers, but that won’t be enough. There is a need for volunteers in the days leading up to HydroFest to help with set-up.

Volunteers assist is a variety of capacities. The gate area will have volunteers selling tickets and checking bags.

There is a record number of vendors this year, so there will be volunteers assisting in the vendor areas. There will be opportunities to aid in the parking areas where there will be designated parking for volunteers and VIP guests.

There are a couple of new features this year. Water inflatables will be added to the kids zone. This area will also need volunteers. HydroFest is using a sign up app called Sign Up Genius for the first time this year. Visit to join in the fun.

If you are a team player that would love to showcase the best of our Marshall County community, there is an opportunity to join Pit Boss, David Norton, and his crew as a race driver shuttle chauffeur. You will also need to have a clean driving record and insurance.

Contact David Norton at or Carol Thomas at

This is an opportunity to show off Marshall County and be part of the fun of HydroFest.

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