Boat Race Finals

Andrew Tate, the orange and white U-9 Delta Real Trac boat, fights off Jimmy Shane in the U-1 Miss HomeStret in the race for the Southern Cup championship final on June 24, 2018 on Lake Guntersville. The drivers hit 190-miles per hour plus on the back straightway in qualifying. 

The H1 hydroplanes running at the HydroFest boat races had been advertised to hit 200 miles per hour. 

They nearly did and likely would have if the water had been smoother. 

It was a big misleading if you were at the races and heard the lap speeds reported. They qualifying and heat laps were reported in the 150s and 160s. 

But the lap speeds took into account the turns. 

Driver Jimmy Shane of the Miss HomeStreet team said he hit 192 miles per hour on the back stretch - the straightaway closest to the bank and the fans - in his qualifying runs. 

If the water had been slicker with less chop, he feels he could have hit 200 or more. 

"I hit 196 when we were here testing last year," Shane said. That was on the other side of the peninsula on Spring Creek. 

Shane noted that qualifying speeds tend to be faster than racing speeds. The water is not as slick when all the boats are out there and they're just not going to go as fast.

Shane is 32 and thinks he has a long future in boat racing. 

"The guy who drove for this time before me drove until he was 62," he said. 

Course Records

Since it was a brand new venue, every mark set at last weekend's HydroFest was a new course record. 

Owen Blauman of H1 Unlimited noted several 2-1/2 mile course records for the new course. The marks were all set by Andrew Tate and Jimmy Shane, the 1-2 finishers whose final shootout ended in a near photo finish in the finals.


Andrew Tate, U-9 Delta/Realtrac, 158.626 mph

Fastest Preliminary Heat Average

Andrew Tate, U-9 Delta/Realtrac, 145.843 mph 3-lap average (Heat 1A)

Fastest Preliminary Heat Lap

Andrew Tate, U-9 Delta/Realtrac, 148.536 mph

Fastest Final Competition Lap

Jimmy Shane, U-1 Miss HomeStreet, 156.092 mph

Fastest Final Average (5-laps)

Andrew Tate, U-9 Delta/Realtrac, 152.004 mph

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