The Spelling Bee

By Michael Raulerson

Guntersville Middle School students participated in a school-wide spelling bee where the top two students of each English class competed. Two students, Madalyn Campbell and Elliot Storey, were the Top Two spellers in Guntersville Middle School.

Elliot Storey placed first, and Madalyn Campbell was the runner-up.

This was a great challenge, according to Madalyn. Madalyn said, “I think the hardest part was remembering all the words because some of the words I had never heard of and couldn't pronounce.”

There was lots of studying leading up to the bee. Elliot said that the entire week before the bee he was studying every night!

Madalyn said, “I loved the challenge and competitiveness of it and felt honored to have placed runner-up in the whole school.”

Elliot Storey competed in the Marshall County Spelling Bee and placed third for the entire county.

Madalyn and Elliot both say that they would do the bee again.

This was fun for all of the Guntersville Middle students and was a great challenge for all of those who participated in the middle school spelling bee.

GMS Sets Goals

By Haidyn O’Neal

The SGA students, counselor Calley Kutner and principal Dr. Susan Galante have created a system where we can track our academic progress and set goals for our future.

The officers in the student government association met with Dr. Galante and Mrs. Kutner to create the forms and processes needed for GMS students to use for tracking their academic and behavioral progress. The team also worked on a goal-setting form and next steps for preparing for student-led conferences.

Each student was given a data folder, which will be kept in his/her homeroom class. All forms will be included in these data folders and will be updated by the student following each grading period and each Global Scholar testing window. Students will have the materials they need to chart their progress and set new goals based on new data. In spring 2018, students will use this information to inform their parents about their successes and shortcomings during student-led conferences. Dr. Galante said, “Research show that when students set their own goals, they take responsibility and ownership of their learning goals. Such goal-directed behavior is empowering and proactive.”

SGA president Addy Yarbrough said she likes this idea because when she writes down her goals, she knows she is more likely to achieve them.

SGA member Riley Thomas thinks that tracking progress will help students to see what areas they need to work harder in to succeed.

“I think it is a great program, and I am happy I got to be part of the planning process even if it was a lot of hard work and effort,” Riley said.

Attendance Policy

By Ava Krause

Since Jan. 3, Guntersville Middle School has been strictly adhering to the Schools of Guntersville attendance policy regarding doctor excuses and home notes being turned in within three school days after the absence to be excused.

Mrs. Moultrie said, “We used to accept notes past the due date, but we will not be able to do that anymore. Each month, attendance reports must be turned into the state and be locked at that time. We can no longer go back and adjust.”

Dr. Galante said, “Please remember that each class’ attendance stands alone at GMS, so if your student checks in or out and misses over half of any class period(s), they will be considered absent and will need a doctor or home note to be excused. Once your student has reached the limit of six home notes per year, your student may only be excused with doctor notes.”

Mrs. Kutner said, “It becomes very important toward the semester’s end when we are determining who will be exempt from exams, so please be diligent about this.”


By Payton Tinsley

  • Feb. 12 - Progress Reports were sent home.
  • Feb. 19 - President’s Day; no school.
  • Yearbook prices will go up soon. If you want to purchase one, please order ASAP. See Mrs. Nunnelley to order. The price is $35.
  • Parents - If you ordered an eighth-grade yearbook ad, your pictures and text are past due. Please get those turned in by the end of the week.
  • Seventh-grade geography students are collecting money to provide water filters to victims of the hurricane in Puerto Rico. Each filter costs $50 and will provide clean water up to 100 people over the next five years. If you would like to participate, please contact Mrs. Nunnelley at

Seventh Grade

  • Feb. 22 - Nunnelley human geography test

Eighth Grade

  • March 8 Price - Last day to AR test for the third nine weeks AR goal: Read any book at or above reading level that you are interested in. Check with to see if an AR test is available.
  • Feb. 25 Stanfield - Study guide due
  • Feb. 22 Lemons - Algebra 1 - Chapter 7 test
  • Feb. 23 Lemons - Math - one-step equation quiz
  • Eighth-grade field trip will be March 13. Letters went home with each eighth-grader on Thursday, Feb. 1, about the field trip. The cost of the trip for each student is $9 without a T-shirt or $17 with a T-shirt.


Technology competition info:

  • Friday, Feb. 16 - Completion of notebook
  • Mon.-Thurs., Feb. 19-22 - Practice presenting projects
  • Friday, Feb. 23 - Northeast Technology Competition 2018


  • $14 for T-shirts; please bring your money to Ms. Lemons by Feb. 27

Math Team

  • $9 for T-shirts; please bring your money to Ms. Lemons if you have not already done so

Anchor Club

Anchor Club members in all grades are selling wristbands for $3 each with the names of children who have been diagnosed with cancer. All proceeds are going to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Ms. Rhea also has bracelets available in her classroom. Please support this great cause.

Sports News

  • Feb. 19 - GMS baseball vs. New Hope (away) at 4:30 and 6:30

Nurse News

Parents, if your child has been diagnosed at a medical facility with the flu, please send an email. Nurse Tammy Nabors would like to have documentation of the number of cases at GMS. Also, please indicate if your child received the flu shot this year. Email

Scoliosis Screening

Spinal screening is required annually for school children in the state of Alabama in grades five through nine. In the upcoming weeks, the school nurses, along with a nurse from Children’s Hospital, will screen your child for spinal deformities (scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis).

The purpose is to recognize, at the earliest stage, any deviation from normal so the need for treatment can be determined. If any problems are detected, you will be notified by a letter sent home with your child.

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