An allegation has been made that inmates at the Marshall County Jail have gone without clothing for an extended length of time. Jail officials say it is untrue

In an email from an inmate’s family member, this person stated that the inmate had gone without clothing for three days.

This incident happened on July 31 and the inmate did not receive clothes until Aug. 3. According to the email, “their clothes were taken to be washed and they were not given replacement clothes.” This person went on to say that it included no underwear and “the correctional officers just kept saying they didn’t have enough clothing for everyone.”

Matt Cooper, the chief of the jail, said that these claims are false. He said that the laundry is done on a rotation. Even if someone is without one article such as the jumpsuit, they would still have their undergarments.

Most inmates have two jumpsuits. He said the purpose for this is to rotate the dirty for a wash.

He admits that the inmate may have gone for a few hours without one article, but they would not be totally unclothed. The reason the inmate may have gone without clothing for a short while is because the trustee that was on laundry duty was released. The jail replaced that person and the next person did not like the job. This could have slowed down the washing process, but it did not cause a multi-day delay.

Cooper gave some examples of inmates being dishonest with family members. He stated that on several occasions they have called in family members to witness the surveillance or see the logs for purchases because of the accusations of inmates.

The Sheriff’s Department will work on making sure that inmates do not have to go for a prolonged period of time without their items. This was just a minor setback, but no one went three days without their clothing, Cooper said.

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