Husband and wife Mark Mills and Brenda Owens plan to start offering lake tours and charters on a 36-foot pontoon boat in April. They’re calling their business “Lake and River Fun.”

Their boat will be based at Guntersville Marina at Signal Point, but they will be picking up passengers at the public docks at the City Harbor and in other places. Their website is They also have a Facebook page.

Mark is a Coast Guard-certified captain and Brenda is working on her captain’s license. They live at Honeycomb. Their home was in the “Honeycomb” news in The Advertiser-Gleam a few weeks ago when a giant tree fell on the house and on Brenda’s car. It totaled her car.

They hope to be able to offer alcoholic beverages on their cruises, but they’re still working out the details with insurance and the ABC Board.

Mark has been working on boats on rivers for several years now. He and Brenda met and she went with him to Chicago to work on sightseeing boats there. He did tours in Chicago for 11 seasons.

He has worked on the American Queen, the triple decker steamer that runs the Mississippi River between New Orleans and Memphis. The couple worked together on river cruises in Oklahoma.

Mark worked last season on the Southern Belle in Chattanooga.

“This is our starter boat,” Brenda said of the 36-foot pontoon. They hope to grow into a larger boat eventually.

They plan to offer a variety of cruises – scenic, Bat Cave, birthday parties, wildlife tours, lock and dam tours, etc.

“Once we get more into the season, we will probably do sunset cruises,” Brenda said.

They haven’t finalized their pricing, but a lot of their tours will run around $25 a person, with senior discounts, children under 6 free and so on.

They plan to do charters for corporate events, family reunions, etc.

“We’re going to be pretty flexible,” Brenda said. “We’d like to do some fun things like Halloween costume contest tours to the Bat Cave in October.”

Eventually, they may offer full moon night cruises once a month.

They plan to have a grand opening April 13 at Civitan Park.

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