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May 7-21

May 7 - Ebonie Edwards; Devin Logan; Eric Ingram

May 9 - Keander Yancey

May 10 - Cecil Eugene Looney

May 11 - Lennette Molina

May 12 - Margaret Gurley

May 16 - Gisella Torres; Lue Jackson

May 18 - Gabrielle Hampton

May 20 - Anthony and Donna Looney’s Anniversary; Jacob Friend

May 21 - Martha Cox; Charles Howell; Pamellia Williamson

Cultural Connection

This month’s featured writer from the Cultural Connection Committee is Zaira Parga. She's the secretary for the Cultural Connection Committee and part of the Latinx community.


Myth: It’s easy to migrate here legally. Why don’t illegals do it the correct way?

Fact: There’s no correct way to come legally. There are eight ways to apply for permanent residency. Permanent residency will get you a green card but not citizenship. Many people have to pay thousands of dollars to an immigration attorney for assistance. If they cannot afford an attorney, they have to do the paperwork themselves. Even the slightest mistake can delay their application. Approval for citizenship can take years

Myth: Immigrants abuse government assistance and do not pay taxes.

Fact: Immigrants cannot receive government assistance unless they have a visa. Immigrants do pay taxes and often pay more than those with documentation. They also pay social security even though they will not qualify to receive those benefits later in life.

Myth: We are all Mexican and only speak Spanish.

Fact: People assume every immigrant is from Mexico. However, there are more people migrating from Central America than Mexico. In reality, People are not migrating from Mexico as frequently they did in the 90's and 2000’s. More crime has been plaguing Central America so people are fleeing to escape the violence.

Myth: Latino’s who migrate are uneducated.

Fact: Most Latino’s who migrate to the United States attend college and/or have degrees from their native country. Unfortunately, their degrees are not valid here so they get low wage jobs to provide for themselves and families.

Myth: Immigrants are a major source of crime.

Fact: Immigrants are less likely to commit or report crime because they are afraid of deportation or ICE getting involved. There are numerous reports and statistics showing that immigrants have a low contribution rate to crime in the United States. Most immigrants just want to provide for their families and their future.

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