Martenia Kennamer, who grew up in Guntersville and had a business here with her husband Ray, was back in town this week for a visit. It was her first time back in more than 2 years. She lives at Sandestin in Florida now.

Mrs. Kennamer had an important reason for being here:

“I came to see my 3rd great grandbaby,” she said. The baby, James Hunter Kennamer, is the son of Hunter and Jenny Kennamer. The doting grandparents are Will and Jana Kennamer.

Mrs. Kennamer was going to be in town for much of the week, then was heading to Tennessee to visit other relatives.

She was a member of the Marshall County High School Class of 1961. She saw one classmate while here, Larry Boggus.

She and her husband have been gone since the early 1990s. As you might imagine, Guntersville has changed quite a bit in the time she’s been gone.

“I don’t know any of the restaurants anymore,” she said, then paused. “Well, I know a few.”

She got to visit one restaurant that had particular meaning for her. She and her husband owned the old Guntersville Motor Co. building in Northtown. They used it for a warehouse for their business, Copyright Enterprises. Later, it became Mike’s Merchandise and today is Bakers On Main, which of course also holds Café 336.

Mrs. Kennamer’s daughter Millie lives at Honeycomb, so they had some good times catching up. She was going to Chattanooga after leaving Guntersville to visit with son Jay, a lawyer there.

She enjoys Sandestin quite a bit. She lives on the bay side. She is amazed that she often runs into people with ties to north Alabama at her new home.

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