Local civic clubs continue to do charitable and community work, as well as provide fellowship among the members a couple times a month or more.

Most clubs welcome visitors, whom they see as prospective new members.

These are the local civic clubs, when they meet, what they do and who to contact if you’d like more information:

G’ville Civitans

Meetings: 1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month, G’ville Rec Center, 5:30 p.m.

Club causes: G’ville High scholarships, Apple Foundation, Boy Scouts, Senior Citizens Center, G’ville Museum, G’ville Historical Society, Middle & High School Essay Contests, Middle & High School Jr. Civitans, Disabled American Veterans, more.

Fundraisers: Annual Vidalia Onion sales, Claxton Fruitcake Sales, Yard Sale, Daniel Moore Print donations and Bass Tournament.

Dues: $50 per quarter, includes meals.

Contact: President Gene East, 256-582-3411.

Lake City Civitans

Meetings: 2nd and 4th Wednesday at noon at Citizens Bank & Trust Community Room.

Club causes: Various local charitable organizations; Civitan Research Hospital; scholarships for students to attend Civitan Leadership Camp.

Fundraisers: The Pumpkin Patch in October; Pancake Breakfast in February.

Dues: $60 a quarter, includes meals.

Contact: President Adam O’Shields, 256-302-3870.


Meetings: 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month, 6:30, Wyndham Hotel.

Club causes: Diabetes education, glasses & eye surgeries for the indigent; scholarships for graduating Leos at DAR and Guntersville High, Summer Leadership at Troy University for Leo club members, support for Christmas Coalition, support for Boy Scouts Troop 4173, support Camp Seale Harris and Juvenile Diabetes Camp each summer, support for local teachers especially those that lead Leo clubs.

Fundraiser: RiverRunCarShow.net (held each 4th Saturday of August).

Dues: $28 per quarter. $25 per quarter for second member. Apply online at www.GuntersvilleLionsClub.com.

Contact: President Robert Moxley, 205-589-6078, Email: contactus@GuntersvilleLionsClub.com Visit us on the web: www.GuntersvilleLionsClub.com.

Lady Civitans

Meetings: 1st and 3rd Wednesday at Rock House at noon.

Club causes: Every Child’s Playground, Research Center in Birmingham, other charitable donations.

Fundraisers: Onion sales in May, Brunswick stew in October, Christmas tour of homes in December.

Dues: $30 per quarter.

Contact: Pam Krichev, 256-572-6351.

Rotary Club

Meetings: Every Monday at Gunter’s Landing at noon.

Club causes: Funding for various local projects.

Fundraiser: Dues, one special fundraiser every other year.

Dues: $125 a quarter, includes meals.

Contact: President Shirl Dollar, 256-302-3216.

Sunrise Rotary Club

Meetings: Every Tuesdays, 7:30 a.m., Jamoka’s.

Club causes: Children’s charities, Blessings in a Backpack, Every Child’s Playground, scholarships and others.

Fundraiser: Casino Night, last Saturday in February.

Dues: $105 a quarter.

Contact: President Jana Carroll, 256-505-2972.

Marshall County PALS

Meetings: Once a quarter, various locations.

Causes: Anti-litter education, organizing 4-6 litter pickups a year. Promoting recycling and keeping the county clean.

Fundraiser: No fundraiser lately; donations welcome.

Dues: $20 a year.

Contact: President Micky Hunt, 256-582-1610 or office number 256-582-1918.

Twenty First Century Club

Meetings: 2nd Tuesday of each month October-May, 5:30, G’ville Museum.

Causes: Local scholarships, renewable for four years; Christmas Coalition; Blessings In A Backpack; other charitable causes.

Fundraiser: The annual Art on the Lake art show in April.

Dues: $25 a year.

Contact: Malinda Richard, 256-505-9801.

High Point


Meetings: 2nd Tuesday of every month, 12:30 p.m. at the Douglas Senior Center.

Causes and activities: Educational programs, crafts, numerous charitable causes such as the Cancer Center, Hospice and other community needs.

Contract: Genell Cobb at 256-279-3933.

Do you have an organization you’d like listed in our club directory, email us at news@advertisergleam.com or call us at 256-582-3232.

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