Dr. Michael Myers

Dr. Michael Myers

Urologist Dr. Michael Myers was the guest speaker at the latest Goldcare55+ Lunch-N-Learn. He talked about urinary tract infections and how simply hitting them with a quick round of antibiotics may not always be the best approach.

It was a repeat appearance for Dr. Myers. He spoke to the senior group in September about prostate cancer.

“The first talk was for the men and this one is mostly for the ladies,” he said.

He said UTIs can sometimes be brought on by other diseases or disorders and he mentioned diabetes and Crohn’s in that category. He said there can sometimes be an anatomical abnormality that causes frequent UTIs.

A person with 3 or more UTIs in a year or 2 or more in 6 months is considered to have recurrent UTIs. It’s very important to look for the underlying cause when that happens.

Dr. Myers and other urologists prefer to take a culture before prescribing medicine. Just throwing antibiotics at the problem can lead to antibiotic-resistant UTIs.

He said the over-the-counter azo products are good for dealing with UTIs if you get one on the weekend and can’t get to a doctor.

In some patients, a low dose of antibiotics on a regular basis can hea off frequent UTIs.

“UTIs can severely impact your quality of life,” Dr. Myers said.

He urges patients to see a urologist if they’re experiencing frequent UTIs.

Upcoming Programs

These are the upcoming Lunch-N-Learn programs for Goldcare55+. They cost $5, with lunch served at 11:30 and the program at noon. Make a reservation one week in advance by calling 256-571-8032 or 256-571-8018.

The programs are always on a Thursday and are always at the Guntersville Senior Center, 1500 Sunset Drive, Guntersville.

Feb. 20 – Get Heart Smart, Dr. Kathleen Evans, Cardiologist March 19 – Be a Friend To Your Colon, Dr. Ben Shepard, Gastroenterologist April 16 – An Organ Donor Donates Life, Ann Rayburn, director, Legacy of Hope May 1 – Senior Health & Fitness Day, Civitan Park, free, but must RSVP June 18 – Godcare55+ Summer Party, 1-3 p.m.

July 23 – Protect Yourself from Skin Cancer, Dr. Joshua Wharton, Dermatologist Aug. 20 – The ABC’s of Arthritis, Dr. Randall Beyl, Rheumatologist Sept. 17 – Getting Old Ain’t for Wimps, Dr. Amanda Storey, family physician

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