These were some of the headlines and stories that ran 50 years ago this week in the Advertiser-Gleam:

MEKONG BOSS. Major Thurman Davis had 15 officers and 52 enlisted men reporting to him. He was executive officer for the 2nd Signal Group in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. It was Maj. Thurman’s second tour of duty in Vietnam.

ONE-MILLION GALLON TANK. A one-million gallon oil tank had been installed at the Port of Guntersville. It had a large retaining wall around it that had been insisted upon by the City Council to keep oil from getting in the lake if there ever were to be a leak from the tank.

UNIT SYSTEM. Sen. Aubrey Carr was poised to introduce a bill in the legislature to replace Marshall County’s district commissioner road set-up with a countywide unit system. Sen. Carr said going to the unit system would save a tremendous amount of money and you would have a professional engineer over the roads instead of the individual commissioners, although they’d still have a say in where the work was done. “It’s a lot better than what we’ve got now,” he said.

SCHOLARSHIP. Ralph Keller of DAR signed a basketball scholarship to play at Northwest State Junior College in Phil Campbell. He was the 3rd Patriot in recent years to do so. Jimmy Cooper had played there and go on to Florence State University, while Garland Franks had played there 2 seasons and had gone on to Athens State.

DOCK AND SPUR TRACK. Plans were in the works for a spur railroad track and a new dock on the levee in Northtown. It was being proposed by American Commercial Lines.

CUT THOSE WEEDS. The city was getting complaints about tall grass and weeds in yards around town. Mayor Lavell Jackson reminded people they needed to keep up their properties. The Council passed an ordinance just the prior year allowing the city to have the weeds cut and place a lien against the property for payment.

BALL FIELD LIT. The Georgia Mountain Community Center had just installed lights on its softball field. To celebrate, they were holding and 8-team tournament. The men of the community were getting together to build bleachers ahead of the tournament.

GOOD NEWS. Mrs. Regina Webster received a call from her husband Sammy who was serving in Vietnam. She was expecting him home soon.

AN AWFUL MESS. In a letter to the editor, Sam McCrary said the property tax assessments issued by the tax assessor’s office “were in an awful mess.”

NEY-A-TI SALE. The Church of Christ was getting ready to sell off some of the undeveloped land at its Camp Ney-A-Ti. The sale would help them clear up their debt and put them in better position to serve young people.

AUDITORS NIX FIREWORKS. There were no 4th of July fireworks at the County Park because the state examiners wouldn’t allow them, park manager Gene Ishler said. He said Commission chairman Orville Vandergriff told the county the park couldn’t spend any money on fireworks in the future. The annual fireworks had been costing about $250 from park proceeds.

ATHLETIC THEFT. Thieves broke into the Guntersville High fieldhouse and the Carlisle Park gym and stole about $3,500 worth of equipment. the most expensive item take was the movie camera used to film Wildcat football games.

LIGHTNING FIRE. “It was just about the noisiest, longest-lasting electrical storm anybody could remember,” the Gleam said. “Lots of people went all night with hardly any sleep.” Lightning from the storm hit an office and a barn and burned both buildings to the ground.

MOVE OFFICE? The grand jury suggested that the county school superintendent’s office should be moved from the old Cross Roads School in Guntersville. It had been there 2 years and before that was in the Courthouse. “We feel that the public should have better access to the office,” the grand jury’s report said.

POLES SNAPPED. “One of the strongest winds in a long time blew down nine telephone poles on the Warrenton Causeway and cracked two others,” the Gleam reported. Mark Downs and Calvin Jones saw it happen. “The wind was so hard it was whipping large amounts of water out of the lake and over the road,” the paper reported.

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