Asbury Boys

Coach Johnny Pelham (center) is shown with returning Ram starters and captains Zack Adams and Yahir Rodriguez.

It is essentially a brand new team for the Asbury boys heading into the 2021 campaign.

“How we do is TBD, to be determined,” Coach Johnny Pelham said. “We’ve got a lot of good skill, but we are also inexperienced. Realizing the importance of little things when you have inexperience sometimes slaps you in the face early on because of your inexperience.”

Coach Pelham will lean heavily on two returners who have started in the past: Zack Adams and Yahir Rodriguez.

“Yahir has started the last couple of years, Zack started the second half of the season last year,” Coach Pelham said. “Zack is a very good scorer. Yahir is a very good defender.”

What the veteran coach needs from the pair is more than just what they can do on the court.

“We will look to Zack and Yahir for leadership,” Coach Pelham said. “We lost a lot of points with the players who graduated. But we also lost leadership in Jay Jones. He was a very good leader in the locker room and he made good decisions on the floor. A lot of that burden will fall on their shoulders. We are expecting these guys to take that responsibility.”

Asbury is once again in a very strong area.

“Plainview is projected to win it,” Coach Pelham said. “But by the 2nd half of the season, we hope we can be competitive with them.”

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