Some discussion came up about the prospect of a new Marshall County Animal Shelter during the Marshall County Commission meeting on Wednesday.

For nearly a year, the Commission has discussed building a new animal shelter to serve the entire county. Marshall County Commission Engineer Bob Pirando brought a low bid to the commission of $675,000 from Greer Building contractors out of Gadsden. The plan submitted to Greer was for a facility with 72 indoor kennels and 24 outdoor.

“I cannot justify spending that kind of money on an animal shelter,” Marshall County Commission Chairman James Hutcheson said. “I agree we need a facility but that’s entirely too expensive. We need to look having one with maybe 40 indoor kennels and 10 outdoor. I think that number would serve the county better.”

Hutcheson told Pirando that he’d like to see that total come down to around $250,000 and no more than $400,000. Pirando said he would re-bid the project and have something for the Commission at a later meeting.

Meeting Cancelled

The Marshall County Commission agreed to cancel its Nov. 25 meeting due to the Thanksgiving holiday and concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. The Commission will meet again on Dec. 9.

Marshall County Commission Chairman James Hutchesons said moving the meeting is the best decision.

“I know the commissioners and the people who work in the commission office have plans to be with their families the coming week,” he said. “We feel it would be best to go ahead and cancel that meeting. Also, the numbers for virus infections are going up day to day. People really need to be careful right now and stay healthy.”

Other Business

- A decision to elect a new Marshall County Commission Vice Chairman was tabled until the next meeting.

- Payment to ALDOT of $3,611.64 for a Special Work Authorization balance to come out of the County-Wide funds was approved.

- A contract was approved with Standard Insurance for county paid life insurance and voluntary benefits.

- Homeland Security grants were approved for Albertville Police Department ($49,929), Albertville Fire Department ($50,000), Marshall County Coroners office ($48,843), Swiftwater Team ($8,869) and Marshall County E911 ($22,618). No match will be made by the county.

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