Veterans Monument

There are some missing and erroneous names on the veterans monument in front of the Courthouse. The County Commission and others are working to fix that. That's county veterans services officer Jeremiah Fulenchek with the wall.

Marshall County’s war dead memorial in front of the Courthouse could soon get a little work, according to Rhonda McCoy of the County Commission office and county veterans services officer Jeremiah Fulenchek.

“A lady called and her great-grandfather’s name is misspelled,” Fulenchek said. He died in World War II.

They plan to make that correction.

“We also have a few names to add,” Fulenchek said. The list of those names could be growing.

Rhonda Tidmore, Marshall County’s military historian, is doing research on that exact issue. She has found a few names that need to be added to the World War II section and she expects more to surface.

“I’ve been checking old newspapers and records related to mass graves,” she said. “The whole monument needs to be looked at and checked really.”

She said it is a task. She is hoping the public will help by reaching out to the County Commission office or the Veterans Service Office.

She has found one service member listed as killed in World War II who actually lost his life in Korea.

They were able to find a monument company that has agreed to do the fixes and additions for free. Tidmore hopes the VFW, the organization behind the monument, will hold a re-dedication ceremony sometime next year after all the research has been done and the fixes have been made.

“This monument was built to recognize all the veterans missing or killed in action from the Marshall County area,” Fulenchek said. So they want to include as many of those people as possible.

Anyone who knows of a Marshall Countian killed in action or missing in action who needs to be added to the monument can call Fulenckek at 256-571-7761 or Rhonda McCoy at 256-571-7701.

The primary purpose of the veterans service office in the Courthouse is to help veterans get the services to which they are entitled. But due to COVID-19, Fulenchek is asking that people call and make an appointment rather than just walk in the office.

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