The City Council and Ace Aero still have not finalized their lease agreement on Ace’s property adjacent to the Guntersville Airport. They’re waiting on the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to sign off on the agreement.

But at least one Council member, Larry Wilson, and Hans H. Ingold, vice-president of business management at Ace, feel the city should move ahead and approve the agreement pending a favorable review by FAA.

Councilman Wilson brought it up in the pre-meeting work session, but his idea of approving it pending FAA approval gained no traction.

Councilman Randy Whitaker and city attorney Dan Warnes both said they preferred waiting to see if the FAA came back with suggestions. Councilman John Myers also said he’d rather wait on FAA.

Then in the official meeting, during the public comment portion, Ingold spoke and said the company wanted everything to be finalized as quickly as possible.

This issue has been going on literally for a few years now. Ace owns property adjacent to the airfield with facilities on it. They needed a through-the-fence agreement to access the airfield from the off-site property.

When the FAA nixed that, the parties came up with a plan for Ace to donate the property to the city and the city would in turn lease it back to them, with consideration for the value of the donated property built into the lease. That would effectively make the off-site Ace property part of the airport proper.

All 3 parties – the city, Ace and the FAA – were involved in the negotiations. It is just awaiting the final approval from FAA, the agency governing all things involving airports.

New Poll Worker

Poll worker Mary Ruth McCord is going to be unable to work the special election for the 7.5 mil property tax for a new Guntersville High School on election day May 11.

So a replacement was appointed to take her place.

The new worker will be Randy Hasty.

HydroFest Road & Drones

The Council passed a measure that will effectively close Sunset Drive from the Rec Center to the Water Plant June 25-27 for the HydroFest boat races.

Residents will still have access.

The Council also approved a measure banning unauthorized drone flight over the race course that same Friday through Sunday.

Other Business

• The city is joining a debris removal program for $2,500 a year through the Alabama Municipal Insurance Corp. It will provide assistance on debris removal not covered by FEMA in the event of a disaster. The League needs 100 members to sign up for the program to be viable.

• A building codes electrical amendment was tabled as city building official Jimmy Hanson could not be at the meeting to go over it.

• The Council approved a special event liquor permit for Gunters Landing to work the Apple Foundation’s event at Civitan Park on May 22.

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