The Grant Town Council approved buying police radios for the new P25 radio system coming to Marshall County this summer.

"These radios are not cheap," Mayor Larry Walker said. He noted that the handheld radios are more expensive than the ones that will be mounted in a patrol vehicle. 

The police chief had recommended the Council buy 2 hand-held and 5 car radios. But one car isn't running and the Council plans to sell it. 

"We have 3 cars in operation, so if we buy 4 car radios, we will still have a spare," Mayor Walker said. 

That's expected to drop the price from around $18,000 to about $15,000 for the radios. The two hand-held radios will be swapped from officer to officer, depending on who is on duty. 

Commissioner Rickey Watson was in the audience and said the county's current VHF radio system will remain operational.

"But we dispatch through the county," Mayor Walker said. "If our police want to talk to anyone, they will have to have this."

Mayor Walker made a motion the Council buy the radios. Councilman Jimmy Bradshaw seconded. It passed unanimously.

Two More Roads

The Council approved paving two more city roads at an estimated cost of about $56,125. The county will do the paving for the town. 

The roads are 6th and 11th Streets. 

Commissioner Watson said the estimate is based on how much asphalt it will take. He said asphalt is currently about $75 a ton. 

"On top of all the paving we did last year, this is going to have us in good shape," Mayor Walker said. 

He said they will have to dip into the general fund to cover the cost, but they can reimburse the town as gas tax money comes in.

The Council voted unanimously to do the paving.

New Cameras

Councilman Jimmy Bradshaw gave a report on updating the security cameras at Grant Town Park. 

He recommended a 20-camera system using motorized cameras that allow more flexibility to zoom in and get a better look at something that happened. 

The cost will be about $9,000.

The Council unanimously approved it. 

Other Business

-  The Council is declaring a storage trailer as surplus with plans to sell it. 

- The Council approved Chief Ted Thompson attending the new chiefs conference at Jacksonville and either the winter or summer chiefs conference. The travel is necessary so he can get his continuing education units needed to stay current. 

- Councilman Mack Rice noted that more LED street lights are being placed around town and they provide much better light than the old lights. 

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