The Town of Grant has a new trail for walkers. It’s a small gravel trail at the mini-park on Main Street across from Town Hall.

Councilman Jimmy Keller had the idea of adding the trail. Kevin Stubblefield of the county engineer’s office helped lay it out.

It was under construction earlier this month when the Council met.

Councilman Keller said the new trail would be closer to 6-feet wide than the 5-feet he had envisioned when he first brought up the idea.

It was thought the new trail could be built for around $2,000.

Councilman Keller felt the surface might better for someone who was needing to walk, but not on a hard surface like asphalt.

No Opening Ceremony

There was no opening ceremony for the Grant baseball and softball season this year. Earlier this month, when the season started, the governor’s order regarding COVID was still in place.

Mayor Larry Walker said there was no way the town could have hosted an opening day ceremony and observed social distancing.

“We have 200 kids in the program,” he said. “If we had a ceremony and every kid had a couple of people there with him, we could have easily had 600 or 700 people over at the park.”

He said the opening day ceremony was canceled out of an abundance of caution.

“It was a health issue,” he said.

He said there had also been some talk about the town not having a full-time recreation director. He said the town does have a recreation director in Delores Arnold.

“She handled sign-ups and ordering uniforms,” Mayor Walker said. “She does an excellent job.”

He said she works on an as-needed basis.

“She might only have to be there 2 hours for one thing or 6 or 7 for something else,” Mayor Walker said.

TV Service

New Hope Telephone Co-op is ending its cable TV service effective June 30. Like a lot of other Grant customers, it left the Grant Council wondering what to do about TV service, especially at the Tucker Fitness Center.

Mayor Walker suggested getting a TV antenna and picking up TV service over the air waves.

“It would be a whole lot cheaper,” Councilman Mack Rice said.

Someone mentioned that you can get quite a few stations now with an antenna.

“I make a motion we try it,” Councilman Jimmy Bradshaw said. Councilwoman Janice Jones-Bailey seconded. It passed unanimously.

Bid Rejected

The Council had attempted to sell a portable building it currently uses as a maintenance storage shed.

They got a single bid of $5 for the building.

“My thought is we reject that bid and look at other options,” Councilman Walker said. That’s just what the Council ended up doing.

Camera Problems

Councilman Bradshaw has been overseeing the project to install new, better security cameras at Grant Town Park.

“We’ve run into a few problems,” he said.

One is that if the camera’s wiring connection gets wet, it causes the camera to go out. Councilman Bradshaw recommended they get small boxes to cover those connections.

“I think we can probably install those boxes ourselves,” Mayor Walker said.

Someone mentioned the possibility of shrink tubing to keep the connection dry, but it was agreed upon the boxes would be better.

Lots of Mowing

Several members of the Council pitched in to do some mowing at the Town Park to get it ready for the opening of baseball and softball season.

“It looks good,” Mayor Walker said.

The Council put off covering the dugouts at Field No. 3 until a permanent covering could be put on them. There had been some talk of using tarps for temporary covers for the dugouts. That field is the only one at Grant Park with no covers on the dugouts. The younger kids play on that field.

“We looked at this a little more,” Mayor Walker said. “They only play 5 or 6 weeks. The games are in the evenings and the temperatures are not too hot.

Councilman Mack Rice: “We would have just had problems out of tarps.”

Other Business

• Someone asked if there was an update on Grant Fire Department’s new branch station being built at Simpson Point. Mayor Walker said he’d seen where they had ordered doors. He said they are using District 21 fire fees, not town funds for the new station since it is not in the town limits.

• Mayor Walker recommended that a storage room in Town Hall be re-keyed. He said it has court records and other things that must be maintained and the only people who need a key to it are town clerk Phillip Goodson and magistrate Emily Looney.

• As the Council met, the governor’s mask mandate was about to end. Mayor Walker said he had no plans to put a town mask mandate in place. But he did say that the Grant Library would continue to require masks. “I can see that,” Councilwoman Jones-Bailey said. “It’s a small place.”

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