As they qualified to run for office, the city candidates also filed campaign finance reports detailing where the money to run their campaigns is coming from. We checked with the probate office for those records last week and got these early reports:


Wes Long reported itemized “receipts from other sources” of $52,775. Those were loans from himself.

Paula Fant Wallace reported $1,200 in itemized cash contributions and $200 in non-itemized cash contributions. There was no breakdown on her itemized cash contributions in records obtained from the probate office.

Incumbent Mayor Leigh Dollar had not yet filed her report when we inquired at the probate office a week ago. She said she did not have any fundraising activity in June, the month covered by the initial reports. 

The next round of reports are due in next week. 

Just about all of the candidates set up "principal campaign finance committees." But most had done no fundraising, so no formal financial reports were needed. 

These races did have reports filed. 

District 2

Challenger Larry Wilson reported a $1,000 donation from Dalton Diamond and a $600 contribution from himself. He reported in-kind contributions of $172 and $52 from Kari Powers.

District 5

Incumbent Dink Myers reported a $200 contribution from Angela Wininger of Guntersville. 

District 7

Challenger Claudia Smith reported $1,500 in itemized receipts from other sources.

Incumbent Randy Whitaker set up his campaign finance committee but did not file a report detailing any contributions.

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