The incredible power of moving water was on full display this week below Guntersville Dam.

“Every flood gate is open,” said James Whitaker of Guntersville, who drove down to the dam just to see the spectacle. “Water is up over the platform where people normally stand and fish on the Union Grove side of the dam. It’s over the sidewalk where they walk to the platform.”

Anglers sometimes pull into the discharge area of the powerhouse to fish, actually going up inside the powerhouse to fish.

“You can’t get in there now with the water this high,” Whitaker said.

Whitaker took the photos below the dam that accompany this story. 

Water is backing up into the usual spots where it gets out of the banks below the dam, reported Will Kennamer of the Marshall County Emergency Management Agency.

The only road reported impassable at midweek was Mill Road in the Butler Mill area near Grant. The flooding Tennessee River causes the Paint Rock to back up and it always gets over that road.

Kennamer cautioned motorists that storm drains and driveway tiles are stopping up with all the rain we’ve had. That’s causing some ponding on roadways in places that normally don’t have ponding.

“People need to be aware that they may see puddles in places they normally don’t see puddles,” Kennamer said. “They can sneak up on you and it doesn’t take much to move your vehicle.”

He of course reiterated that people should never try to drive across a flooded road, especially one with water rushing across it.

A search for a motorist who was swept away by South Sauty Creek at Buck’s Pocket State Park was suspended this week due to the bad weather. The motorist and his vehicle are still missing.

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