A pretty large manhunt took place in the Alder Springs area Monday.

A sheriff’s deputy initiated a traffic stop in the vicinity of Rose Road and Bluebird Trail. When the driver of a Tahoe stopped his vehicle, he got out and ran.

“I happened to be nearby and I responded,” Sheriff Phil Sims said. “So did the Albertville Police Department and the K-9 unit.”

They thought they had a pretty good perimeter set up so then the sheriff’s helicopter was brought in. The helicopter pilot sighted the suspect.

“He was flying by and got a glimpse of him in some thick woods,” Sims said.

But before they could close in, the suspect crossed Rose Road.

“He got in some thick brush over by the railroad tracks and we called it off,” Sims said.

But 2 passengers in the Tahoe were detained. That let Sims and the other lawmen learn the identity of the man who ran.

Late Monday afternoon, he was taken into custody, Sims said. He was identified as Eric Tucker, 30, of Hideaway Drive, Guntersville. he was charged with attempting to elude and reckless endangerment.

The investigation is continuing.

This was not the first routine call that Sims has responded to as sheriff.

A few nights ago, there was a fight call.

“It wasn’t too far from where I live,” Sims said. “So I got back out and went to it. I got blue lights on my truck finally after about 6 months, so now I look like a sheriff.”

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