Marshall County Home Place received $2,500 from the legislative office for the use of their new apartments. 

On Monday, Aug. 19, a group of people involved with the Marshall County Home Place apartment buildings came together as the legislative office donated money for the apartments. 

The director of Marshall County Home Place, Lee Ward, said the project is coming along nicely and she fully expects everything to be complete by Oct. 1. That is her goal at least. 

Right now, Moore Contacting is finishing up some of the interior parts of the building and should finish painting the inside along with the outside doors soon. 

Ward said all of the materials in the apartments are new and they plan on putting up blinds along with furnishing the apartments. The tables, chairs, couches and other furniture has been set aside from the Home Place Thrift Store to go in the apartments. 

She said the only issue that she has is that the bathrooms are only accessible from a bedroom, but with it being a family house, it should not be that big of a deal. 

They have four apartments at this location and would like to be able to expand it to three more sets of apartments and an office as well. She said with the location there is room to grow. Home Place provides temporary housing to homeless families to help them get back on their feet. 

"We like this location because the people are close to services and jobs are within walking or bike riding distances," Ward said. "It is a convenient area." 

There are several people on the list ready to move in once the apartments are ready. Ward said these people may find other housing before the apartments are finished, but there is always someone in need. 

She discussed that the ladies of Mercy Home Ministries in Claysville are typically her first clients. She said after the women graduate from the program, some may not have a place to stay and this is a good option. Some of the women have families which makes it ideal for them. This program is not just for those ladies, she reiterated, but for those in need of their services. 

Ward said they will be purchasing appliances for the apartments and some landscaping. She does not want to take out financing for the appliances or landscaping items. She believes that shrubs would be nice, but it is not time to start planting those yet. 

Any money donated will go towards the mortgage, Ward said. It will be applied to their building funds for the apartment.  

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