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Elizabeth BeShears is the senior editor and Ryan Boggus is chief operations officer for Yellowhammer News. Yellowhammer News is based in Birmingham.

Two Marshall County people play a big role with Yellowhammer News, the website that covers news from all around Alabama.

They are Elizabeth BeShears of Grant and Ryan Boggus of Guntersville. She works in the website’s news department and he works in the business office.

Yellowhammer News (YHN) got its start as a political blog. Cliff Sims, after doing some traveling, went back to get his degree. He found that people were starved for news in Alabama, said Mr. Boggus.

Mr. Sims decided to grow his business with the mission to report the news stories that matter and to place Alabama in a more positive light.

“There is so much negative news about our past and we want to show that Alabama has changed and grown,” Mr. Boggus said.

They want to represent Alabama better, he said. The site still covers stories that do not place Alabama in a good light, but their focus is on the news of Alabama.

Yellowhammer’s site has over 2 million views a month and only 48 percent of that is from Alabama, Mr. Boggus said. He said it shows that others are interested in what is going on in Alabama as well.

Mr. Boggus said that Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, and other news reporters/outlets use their website. People share the stories from YHN on their Facebook pages and that increases the views they receive.

Mrs. BeShears got her start with Yellowhammer because of Mr. Sims, she said. They attended the University of Alabama together and after working with grant and policy writing, she knew she enjoyed writing and wanted a career in writing.

She was interested in state and national politics and started working in January for Yellowhammer. Since her employment, they have expanded the team and plan on expanding it more.

Her mother, Thames Robinson, is the Advertiser-Gleam’s Grant correspondent. Mrs. BeShears said her mother always encouraged her to write as a child.

She said the motto for Yellowhammer News is “if it’s about Alabama, it is on Yellowhammer.”

Before going to work in the business office at Yellowhammer, Mr. Boggus was a financial adviser in Guntersville for 7 years until he had health problems. He closed the business, started getting better, and decided to look for a new opportunity.

The timing worked out perfectly for him to be able to take a job with Yellowhammer.

The Yellowhammer News website puts out 10-15 new articles a day. Yellowhammer features politics, business, sports, faith and culture.

Yellowhammer just added a radio program and has other plans in the works for future growth.

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