Sherry Mayberry

So, I made a few resolutions for 2020 and this time maybe I will keep them for at least a few months. Having someone to do them with and knowing I will be writing about them for a monthly update may help as well.

My first resolution is to get closer to God. I have struggled for a few years and I think I have found a place that seems a lot closer to home. That may sound weird, but I have tried a few different churches and although the message is there, I never really felt welcomed. I will not name any churches, but I am glad the Lord has helped me to find one that is a good fit for me.

Elise and I have been on this journey together. Matthew is still struggling. Elise has friends at this church and one invited us to attend and we fell in love with the congregation. The love lasted for a while, but then life pulled me away and I wanted sleep more than to get up and go to church. I was not happy in a group I was a part of, but that was totally on me.

It was a group that included men and women which means there were couples. I was unhappy because Matthew was not there and we always do things together.

After talking with the pastor about my struggle which included some downs in life, his wife recommended that I attend a women’s group and I really have enjoyed that one. There are several in the group about my age and I do not think of Matthew as much in that group since it is for women.

One of the ways I am getting closer to God is by reading the Bible. I found an app for reading the Bible in one year. Each night, Elise and I take about an hour (most nights it is about 30 minutes) and we read our daily devotionals. She has one for teens and I have one for adults. We read aloud our and then we discuss them. Each night she has had a friend spend the night, we read it with them as well.

After reading the devotionals and listening to the Bible app (yep, listen, but there are words to follow), we say a prayer and list off people who have asked for prayer or who we know needs prayers. In the few days that we have been doing this, I feel that Elise and I have grown closer and we have been getting closer to God.

It is hard raising a teenager, especially when bullying is not only done in person but online. The apps that allows someone to be anonymous really make this mom mad. Someone described Elise’s looks in not so nice terms and I was ready to knock some heads, but instead of doing that, we prayed for that person. I prayed hard for that person to see the light of Jesus in Elise and reflect that light back to them.

Another of my resolutions is that I would like to get healthy by working on my weight. I know better than to say I am going to diet because, frankly, I love cake. However, I am going to eat less by controlling my portions and cutting back on pastas and bread.

I have joined a gym. In fact, Matthew’s nephew and niece and her husband joined with us. Having a push from Matthew and the family may help me to stay focused on going to the gym. Another big part is I am going to be a part of Scale Back Alabama.

Elise and I have decided to take it slow starting at the gym. We are going to start with the lowest weight and move up each time we do a specific workout. Our goal right now is to do legs on one day, arms another and abs on the third. I would like to go four days a week, but that is hard with my schedule and with Elise’s school activities and homework.

We will be walking and eventually running on the treadmill and using the sauna. Elise likes the bike and we may throw that in there too, but she does not give her all on that like she does when the treadmill controls her speed. I have to admit that I would not give it as much of a try either, but I want to know I worked out. I like to know I am sweating for a purpose and not because I am hot.

We have the Scale Back weigh-in between January 20-26. We will probably go on Saturday, January 25, to Marshall Medical Center North.

Besides losing a little weight for the Scale Back Alabama, I have alternative motives, two to be exact. Elise is going to prom and we already bought a dress. It fits her well, but a couple pounds would make it perfect on her frame. The second is we are going on a Caribbean cruise, so it will be great to lose some weight so I can put it back on while on the boat. Yep, I cannot give up the food on the boat. They have lots of desserts and I am a sweets eater.

Another one of my resolutions is to work on myself. Most of you may not know, but I am a huge superstitious person. Yes, I mean really bad. I don’t walk under ladders; I throw salt over my left shoulder if I spill it; I won’t open an umbrella in a house; I refuse to step on a crack; I will not walk with one sock or shoe on; and so on and so on. It all stems from my parents. There were many things we could not do because it brought bad luck.

I tell you that because I am really going to try hard not to be so superstitious. There are some that I will not be giving up and I do not know if it is because it has been instilled in me or because I just can’t, but I will try to be less. I have done really well so far, but I am literally hurting over thinking about the things I will be giving up that I have done my entire life.

Working on myself to become less superstitious seems like a goal that I should keep. I guess we shall see even though I have already pretty much told myself that that one is out the window.

Another aspect of working on myself is to step more out of my comfort zone. With this job, there are often days I am doing just that. It has not been too bad, but I fear one of these days I will be asked to hold a snake or something just as equally terrifying. I am still going to say that 2020 will not be the year I touch a snake. I will be moving the other direction from that snake. It just won’t happen. I will, however, determine what I do when the opportunity is given.

Editor Anthony Campbell keeps telling me he is going to have me do the zip line at the State Park. I may just have to do that.

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