The students in Michelle Williams' 3rd grade class at Cherokee Elementary wrote these letters about celebrities they would love to invite to Thanksgiving dinner:

I will invite Vin Diesel to Thanksgiving so i can see how he does all of this stuff.he reminds me of the Rock.he is a good actor.the movies of the fast and furious.

Damian Downs

LoLa Bunny is the celebrity I would invite for Thanksgiving she is my favorite cartoon character because she is so funny and cool what make’s her cool is that she dress cool and act cool and what makes her loving is she cares about others and a nothertang she help others that’s why I will invite LoLa to Thanksgiving.

Niriel Valentin

I want to invite Doja cat cause she is a great singer. And! She can sing a Thanksgiving song.

Dojacat is very funny about her songs and she’s popular and and thankful she’s cool she’s nice

She's amazing and very neat. I love her outfits and hair, it’s sparkly.I love Dojacat and the way

she sings. Her sass is very funny she is thankful because all her fans cheer for her, she is cool

Cause she wears her outfits and hair in different ways, she nice to her fans and remembers them. I love Dojacat and her singing. ^-^

Bella Long 

Ariana Grande is my favorite celebrity singer and i want her to come to my Thanksgiving dinner and she has a beautiful voice and i want her to sing at my Thanksgiving dinner and i like her blonde long ponytail and she likes to wear hoodies long sleeve that why i want Ariana Grande to come to my Thanksgiving dinner. And i love her

Madison Smith

Dolly Parton is the celebrity that I would like to invite for Thanksgiving . She is my favorite singer because she is giving . She gives kids in need books for free.She has had a heart-

Break from losing her youngest bother at birth .She is smart . She was smart when she thought of the plan.

Ellie Smith

Darci Lynne is the celebrity ,that I would like to invite for Thanksgiving.She is on my favorite show! America's Got talet. And I love her puppet Petunia! Because she is so funny.

Janice Wambura

Darcli lynne is the celebrity that I would invite for Thanksgiving. Because she is one of my favorite singers on Amaricas got talent because she can sing really well. I also love her puppet petunia. I love watching her videos.she is really entertaining.

Ily Austin

Myer Srus is you. I am inviting for Thanksgiving.She can sing to us.She is talented, maybe she can teach me something.She is so nice,so she will be nice for Thanksgiving.She is pretty.She is smart.Myer Srus would be great to invite for Thanksgiving.

Harper Gedling

For Thanksgiving I would invite Tom cruise because. He is funny because he tells jokes in his movie top gun and they make me laugh so hard that I cry.He is dangers because in mission impossible he hangs off the side of a plane for five minutes.He is cool because in top gun he flys f-16 fighter jet and you can see him fly it inside.He is tough because in top gun his jet gets hit by a missile and he goes in to they middle of the ocean and tries to save his partner goose but he can't and goose dies and then he get saved by another helicopter. He is coming out with a new top gun

Korbin Smith

Scooby doo is a celebrity that I want to come to Thanksgiving with me. He is my favorite Character because he's so funny. I love it when he acts like other people. He is very friendly.

Hunter Carlisle

Aireona Gronday is the celebrity that I would like to invite for Thanksgiving.She is my favorite celebrity because she is so pretty.She is talented because she has been in Sam and Cat and Victorious .She is smart because she has to make smart decisions.Ariana Grande would be a great entertainment for a Thanksgiving gest.

Emma Case

Lubron James is the celebrity that I would like to invite for Thanksgiving.He is good at basketball because he helps his team win.He’s funny because he cries alot.He’s smart because he knows alot about basketball.

Kinsley Bixby

Dolly parton made dollywood and dixie stampede and she makes good songs. She is my favorite celebrity and she loves everybody. She is funny because she made a joke on the vaccine.she is nice to people.She makes these places fun and dollywood is a place to look at stuff and it's still fun. She will always be invited to my house even if it's not Thanksgiving and that's who I want at Thanksgiving dinner.

Skyler Allen

Austin Rylee is the celebrity i would invite to thanksgiving Because he is a great third baseman because he makes diving playes and laser throws. He is a great hitter because he has a 300 batting average. It would be cool to have him at Thanksgiving dinner.

Kaden Hand

Billie Eilish is the celebrity that I would invite for Thanksgiving.She is really funny.She is my favorite ticktocker. Me and my cousin both love her music.I love it when she reacts to funny tiktocks.

Rylee Beck

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