Two expert witnesses took the stand Thursday in the capital murder trial of Jeff McKelvey.

Gail Peters is a certified latent print examiner with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency latent print unit in Montgomery. In October of 2015, she compared one of the fingerprints lifted from the crime scene at Denie and Pam Tucker’s home to digital prints in the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s database.

She also performed side-by-side comparisons to any possibilities the database produced. Ms. Peters determined it was a left middle finger and identified it as belonging to McKelvey.

McKelvey was fingerprinted when booked into the Marshall County Jail and those prints were sent to Peters in Montgomery for comparison to the print she identified earlier. She said the print provided sufficient details for her to conclude it belonged to McKelvey.

She said she looks at all levels of detail before making a determination, and another person verifies the conclusions she has made.

Dr. Stephen Boudreau, senior state medical examiner with the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences in Montgomery, said he performs autopsies for the state on a daily basis. He performed autopsies on the Tuckers.

Pam Tucker had three gunshot wounds to the chest, left shoulder and right arm. The wound in the chest was fatal. Dr. Boudreau determined the shots were fired at close range.

Denie Tucker died from a single gunshot wound to the back, also at close range. Dr. Boudreau also observed injuries to his right arm and right knee which were consistent with someone falling down. The injuries, he said, occurred around the same time as the gunshot wound.

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