The Wildcat Café has been open for business for several weeks now. The owner is David Harden. His children help him run the business.

He started in the food service industry in 1987 at the old Guntersville Bowling Center that burned in 2003. He began helping with his uncle, Verlon Harden, while his cousin, Pete Harden, was finishing his degree at Jacksonville State University.

After Pete graduated in the spring of 1988, David worked for the bowing center until 1991. His died in 1990 and Pete decided he didn’t want to run the snack bar any longer and went on to open his own place called Pete’s Café which was in Southtown. This location was across the street from where his late grandfather George Harden had a barber shop.

David spent a year at the East Lake Diner before moving to the Tin Top Diner in Albertville. He owned and operated that business for over 9 years. He said that no one had stayed there longer than a year or so before then.

He brought back the Chicken Shack style fingers and jojos (potatoes) along with the original chicken sauce. He also served the same type homemade hamburgers and hamburger steaks that he sold at the bowling center.

He has been in the food service business since he was 29 and now at the age of 61, he is still going strong, he said.

He is a 1976 graduate of Guntersville High School. He said that up until he went into the food service industry, he spent a few years trying his hand at writing jokes. He sold a lot of material to the late Joan Rivers back in the 1980s. He did not get rich doing that but he said that he enjoyed the challenge of coming up with funny ideas that she could use.

Chicken and jojo’s along with the sauce are the featured menu items at Wildcat Cafe.

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