A new business, Eeliminator, will remove floating eel grass from homeowners' shoreline.

What started out as a communal need for cousins and neighbors Zack Farris and Michael McKenzie turned into a legitimate business idea: Eeliminator seeks to help homeowners on Lake Guntersville plagued by the ongoing eelgrass problem.

“From an elementary level, my cousin and I have a place on the lake beside each other,” Farris said. “We were overtaken by eelgrass and weren’t able to enjoy our homes on the lake. We looked into having a service come out to help us, but the closest one was in Tuscaloosa. We realized there’s a need for this, for people to be able to spend time on the lake.”

Farris, whose primary residence is on the water in Guntersville, is the owner of local business SOCO Roofing & Restoration. McKenzie owns Windsor Homes out of Nashville. His second home – next door to Farris – is on Lake Guntersville. Born out of frustration, the business owners put their heads and experience together to come up with Eeliminator, an eelgrass eliminating company.

“We are just like everyone else, we want to do business locally, but there wasn’t an option for that,” Farris said. “This came from us wanting to be able to enjoy our property and saw the need and we weren’t afraid to invest in this business.”

Farris and McKenzie bought three boats that can service all of Lake Guntersville, from Jackson County to south Marshall County out toward the dam. The boats are small and can easily move along the shoreline in shallow water. They are equipped with bucket-like devices that essentially scoop the top layer of eelgrass off the surface of the water and move it to shore. The customer can choose to dispose of the grass themselves, or the company will remove it for them. There is no spraying of chemicals involved in the Eeliminator grass removal system.

“These boats actually pick up the floating grass,” Farris explained. “Our theory is if we can move the grass off the surface before another company comes in and sprays chemicals, we’ll help to remove the floating grass and then let them do their job under the water.”

With their background in construction and knowledge from living on the water, the business partners hired a general manager, Jeff Clark, to run the machinery and train employees. They have three boat operators, as well as two other positions that will help with tasks like raking the grass out.

Eeliminator is hoping to have flexible options for customers, according to Farris. Service might consist of a one-time treatment, but some residents may find they need a service program instead – several treatments a year – in order to clear up a buildup of eelgrass near their homes.

“We’re excited to offer some sort of solution for homeowners to be able to enjoy their waterfront property.”

Eeliminator is currently operating out of Farris’ SOCO office at 505 Gunter Ave. Call (256)677-6125 or go to or the Eelimnator Facebook page to get an estimate.

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