The local protective apparel manufacturer Kappler is seeing an increase in requests for protective apparel, especially gowns, according to company president Laura Kappler-Roberts. The company is taking precautions to keep its employees safe so they can continue making protective apparel.

Kappler-Roberts issued this statement about what her company is doing during the crisis:

For over 40 years Kappler Inc. has been a world leader in fabric development and safety apparel for industrial, haz-mat, military and all first responder markets. Kappler has a full range of products from basic disposable coveralls to the most complex totally encapsulating suits offering chemical and flash fire protection.

Our business is consistent with the definition of a “critical infrastructure industry” as defined by the Department of Homeland Security. We understand that we have a special responsibility to those fighting COVID-19 to maintain a normal work environment. Therefore our number one priority is the health of our employees. We continue to take actions to ensure their safety so we can maintain continuity of our manufacturing, including the following:

- Following guidelines from the Centers of Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) to limit disease spread

- Implementing requirements from the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

- Business travel restrictions are in place for our employees

- Visitors to our facilities have been limited

- Extra third-party cleaning and sanitation conducted weekly

- Individuals provided with supplies to regularly clean personal work stations throughout the day

Kappler is experiencing an increase in requests for protective apparel, specifically gowns. We are working diligently to maintain and replenish our inventory for all products while dealing with this evolving situation.

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