Marshall County PALS (People Against a Littered State) held its annual banquet and recognized those individuals and organizations who help them in their fight on litter.

Wayne Sellers chairs the MCPALS board and gave the welcome at the awards dinner.

These were the awards given and a description for some of them:

Local Government Award – The Marshall County Commission, in recognition of their continued support of the MCPALS’ mission of a litter-free county, the countywide white goods pick-ups and providing monetary support as well as office space and internet service for MCPALS daily use.

Recycling Award – The Marshall Christian Academy in recognition of their participation in the Recycling Bowl in 2012, 2013 and 2014. In 2012, they won state and national titles. In 2013, they won they won the state title, and in 2014 they again won the Recycle Bowl title. They recycled 56 pounds of waste per student. Across the United States more than 690,000 students from 1,500 schools participated in the event.

Citywide Clean-Up Awards

Keep Albertville Beautiful, Sulynda Shell, Executive Director, in recognition of the Great American Clean-up encompassing all of the city, advertising events as litter-free events and for supporting MCPALS “Don’t Drop It On Alabama” clean-up event. They have also had numerous beautification projects throughout the city (trees on Hwy. 431, Earth Day projects, and park restoration).

Keep Guntersville Beautiful, Nicole Reyes, executive director, in recognition of the Great American Clean-Up encompassing all of the city as well as the shores along the Tennessee River within the city limits, advertising litter-free events throughout the city and supporting MCPALS “Don’t Drop it On Alabama” clean-up event. The City of Guntersville completed numerous beautification projects at Civitian Park.

Law Enforcement Awards

The Marshall County sheriff’s office and Sheriff Scott Walls in recognition of their willingness and continued support of MCPALS’ mission of a cleaner more beautiful Marshall County. The support has enhanced the work of MCPALS with the volunteer inmates picking up litter along our roadways.

The City of Guntersville Police Department, Chief Jim Peterson, in recognition of their willingness to support to MCPALS. The support has enhanced the work of MCPALS by cleaning up the city roadways and parks.

Officer Mark Fortune for handing out tickets for cigarette butt littering along the roadways. We recognize that cigarette butts are the number one littered item in America.

Officer Ted Spooner for also handing out a ticket for cigarette butt littering along the roadways.

Prosecutor Dan Warnes for handling the cases and taking them to court for littering.

Judge Rob Hembree for handing out sentences of fines and community service for these litterbugs of cigarette butts.

Adopt-A-Mile Awards

The Highway 431 Corridor Adopt-A-Mile Sponsors for accepting the challenge of maintaining a mile along Highway 431 through Albertville.

Participants included:

Alexander Dodge, BanCorp South, Burger King, Citizen’s Bank, Foodland Plus, Gilbert & Baugh, Howard Bentley, McDonald’s, Nissan of Albertville, Sand Mountain Toyota, The Southern Bank Company, Vantage Bank and

Education Awards

The following teachers, students and schools were recognized:

Chelsea Jenkins, Arab Primary, for a great job with environmental awareness for her students last year. They watched videos, made posters for Earth Day and did recycling crafts.

Shannon Hampton, Guntersville Elementary, organized an Earth Day Festival. Student stations were set up by Guntersville Recycling, MCPALS and Horticulture. These stations covered many aspects of responsibility for the environment.

Principal Tracy Penny, Big Spring Lake Elementary, Albertville. The school cleared campus debris, made posters and a new school garden (they were assisted by the AHS agriculture students).

Media Awards

These newspapers received awards for their consistent support of the Marshall County PALS’ mission by keeping MCPALS in the public’s view – The Advertiser-Gleam, The Arab Tribune, The Sand Mountain Reporter, The Lakeside Post and Mountain Valley News (Rainsville, Ala.).

Special Awards

Girl Scout Troop 10098 – Marissa Stevens and Nicole Smith, troop leaders, and the girls for being willing to pick up litter at community events as well as school campus clean-ups and help plant and maintain beautification projects. They were also instrumental in the recent restoration of Camp Trico.

Josh Burnette, TVA, for supporting MCPALS’ mission by furnishing litter grabbers and gloves for our clean ups and being available to help.

Pat George, Republic Services (Allied Waste) for supporting Marshall County’s white goods pick ups by donating 2 dumpsters each quarter free of charge to 2 of the district shops.

President’s Award

This award was nominated by MCPALS president Micky Hunt and presented to the State Park system’s Patti Donnellan for being involved with the Eagle Awareness program, providing guided field trips for hundreds of weekly visitors. This is a 6- to 8-week program.

2015 will be the 30th anniversary of the guided field trips.

She also does nature walks with school groups, church groups and campers.

She organized and participated with the Riverside Trash Round-up at the State Park on Earth Day. This is an annual event.

Patti recently transferred from Lake Guntersville to Cathedral Caverns State Park.

Chairman’s Award

This award went to Paul Claborn, who was instrumental in getting 6 miles of Highway 431 through Albertville adopted by businesses along that highway. Each business agreed to adopt a mile of highway and pay $100 per month for a contractor to pick up litter each month. Alabama PALS Adopt-A-Mile only requires that an Adopt-A-Mile be picked up every 4 to 6 weeks. Paul remains active with MCPALS and KAB and picks up litter in his own neighborhood.

Faye Markham Memorial Award

This award went to Jeffrey Hubbard who came up with our slogan “Stash The Trash.” This was handled through a local contest back in 1992, when Jeffrey was about 10 years old.

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