It is more than just breast cancer,” Lauren Corbitt said. “It is really about all cancer awareness.”

That is her thought on October being breast cancer awareness month. 

Corbitt had breast cancer six years ago. She noticed a knot in her breast when she was doing a routine check on herself. She said called her OBGYN. After the doctor’s appointment, he scheduled her a mammogram. She was told that it does not matter what they find, they were scheduling her to see a surgeon.

The process went really fast and she had a double mastectomy and went through four chemo treatments. She was diagnosed with Stage 1. She said it was easier to treat than some other forms.

At the time of the cancer, she was 38 years old with three young daughters. At the time, she believes that two of her daughters were in middle school and her other daughter was around two. She was concerned about how the daughters felt about the situation, but they were so strong. She said they were her rocks and took it like champs. She was grateful for the way her daughters were during the whole ordeal.

As for her cancer scare, she said there are a lot of strong men and women who are dealing with cancer. She wants everyone who reads her story to be aware of their own medical needs. Do not be hesitant or afraid to tell someone, especially your doctor, about anything that is wrong with your body.

“Don’t wait when it comes to your health,” Corbitt said.

She said she was so thankful for those who helped her through her cancer and those who prayed for her. She expressed how appreciative she was for the community and others who prayed for her. She feels like so many men and women are still fighting breast cancer and other forms of cancer who need prayers and assistance. She wants you to think of those people now.

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